Pulling legendaries

Is it pure luck or can you actually time the wheel? They’ve been pretty generous with gems lately so I got excited I had enough gems for three pulls on the special egg and got three epics. Think I’ve pulled adjust about 8 so far and all epics, not even super epics! The bar moves at random after clicking stop so I really think you can’t time it.

No you can not time it but you can try there is a post not far down the ppl talk about their different Methods and only spin on the festivals they are 1 in 18chance to get a legendary. Special just up the chance that if you get a legendary that it’s the one they have up. Normal eggs and specials are just 1 in 50

It’s pure luck, also don’t spend your gems on special eggs or normal ones just on festival eggs the chance of legendaries and super epics is much higher and way more worth the gems

Oh… I thought special egg was festival egg, haven’t seen a festival egg yet :frowning: wasted my gems… Issit just me or the normal gameplay gets u so little gems?

Have to save up those gems or just drop a little cash. I have and its paid off. It’s my feel that I enjoy playing the game and I know it’s free to play but I feel that I should give back.

I’ll be honest I had more luck with the normal egg than the special eggs. Opened two normal eggs and I get two new super epics for my team. opened 4 special eggs got duplicates of epics but I did miss the legendary spot 3 times by 1 stage.