Trade rare gems for regular gems?

Hey Devs,

Since rare gems are a massively disappointing and useless shell of false hopes and dreams, can we convert them back into regular gems? Maybe at a 1 rare to 5 regular exchange rate? Thats literally 1/10th the advertised value…



What’s wrong with rare gems?

With rare gems anything is never guaranteed, whereas with normal gems you can reliably hatch featured monsters.

I guess I could see it being useful if you were looking for that specific monster but I would rather go for the 40% chance. This may just be because I’m relatively new (up to athrahasis) and only have 4 legendarys

In your case the rare egg is perfect. When you get 28 legends like me… You’ll probably change your opinion about it :joy:. Most of the other people in this Forum have even more…

Wow that’s a lot. I can see why you would want the specific monsters

Peace buddy. Rare gem brings you hope, dream and happiness.

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And then crushed them mercilessly with SE dupes (and sometimes to add insult to injury, with legendary duoes) and then stuffs them down the drain


Rare eggs are the best. At beggining I was getting only SE dupes like 15 in row but now I have 8 legendary egg streak (few dupes but still good) :smiley: and I got geartyrant who helped me with UC so much.

I’ve had 8+ Se dupes in a row. I will avoid rare gems from now on

Rare gems aren’t much use if you have every legend in them


Thanks for the response @Dev_VKC.

I hope you guys consider my proposal though.

Pro tip for people with lots of legendaries already… hoard all your rare gems and never spend them. You’ll never face any disappointment :wink: I’m on 91 now, nearly at the milestone of 100.

In all seriousness, saving them up and doing a few in a row might help avoid some frustration. Rare gems are a great supplement to gems and since they added some very good monsters into the egg pool they’ve even become good for older players.

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That could also help to build frustration if you get 10 se dupes in a row. Just saying. And it’s not unlikely despite the mathematical odds

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Happiness and hope on a dupe? Horraaay

Agreed. I can’t remember the last time i hatched a legend from a rare. If saved it just would have been 6 or 7 “:poop: another SE dupe :dizzy_face::gun:” in a row.

TBH thats perhaps kore traumatic than spreading them out @Killerdog

But seriously @Dev_VKC look at how many players chose 4 gems over 2 rare gems in Balancion trials and that should tell you guys what your paying supportive public thinks of rares.

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Rare gems giving you hope and dreams. But if you got SE in hatch… thats nightmare :joy:

I personally think that the SE dupe thing is less of a problem when compared to the fact that there is a lot of overlap with the regular egg in terms of legendaries available. Of course, there are outliers, but I think 75% of the legends in there are shared with the regular egg pool. So why take the rare gems over the regular ones when the regular ones can guarantee you the limited, while the rares are only about a 10% chance for something exciting(meaning a non-overlap legendary)?

I personally am getting to the point where the chances of getting something new from the rare egg pool are getting very small, very little incentive to take them.

To newer players though, rare gems are gold. Something good and helpful guaranteed.

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