Random Poll - Opinions Wanted!

Just a few random questions I would really like if I got opinions.

I only play games on iOS. So I definitely prefer iOS. 

You should put a “both” option, because some people prefer both equally. 

Lol i made it 100 percent on both, i think there good questions, have to do with nothing in peticular

Ah, I see. I’ll add that.

You forgot consoles

Well, uh, this kind of refers to a project I’m working on…and I think games for consoles is kind of…out of my league.

Psst… you can make console games with Unity as well :wink:

Let me guess, Aquamon?

Just be honest about why you’re making the poll instead of “Random poll”

I know things about Geomon on here have been…less than welcome…but its a project you want support for and you shouldn’t feel you have to hide it

Well, I didn’t really want to stir up any more hostility, but I don’t know where else to get opinions…

~,~ I’m not sure if it’s okay to ask questions about Aquamon when this is Hunter Island’s forum…

Oh, I didn’t know that! Um, but, wouldn’t you have to like, make a cartriage or something? And I’m not sure how to distrubute them, too. By mail? To much shipping! ~.~ JK

Is question one because of gaming or just in overall use?
And whats fun at singleplayer? I wouldnt get to know you guys

In the off-topic section, sure :slight_smile:

I think it’s more of a question of what games you would prefer…

Well, um, why is pokemon so popular if it’s singleplayer? (before X and Y)

Here’s the thing:

While the two (Aquamon and Geomon) MAY be connected, in my eyes they’re two totally separate things

We want everyone to succeed at whatever they’re working on

Ah, okay thank you! Aquamon is basically a seperate game (made by completely different people) but we are throwing a little geomon jazz at the end. XD

Its true About pokemon but I could trade with ppl around me through the link cable haha

And that’s all fine and dandy

Use what inspired you to make the game but don’t copy it all the way through

Honestly, I wanna see a dark side/ light side trainer, with the choices to go good or bad

That would be wicked

Oh lol, I see. Well, I don’t know.

What do you mean by dark/light trainer?

It’s pretty much completely different, except we got permission to use some of their art so at the end you can aquire some geomon as your own.


You see an aquaria in trouble! What do you do?

> Ignore it.

> Help it.

Ignoring it will make you go “darker.” Helping it will make you go “lighter.” I know how to make these sort of games, but I don’t know if I can offer assistance with an outside program.

Also, Geomon was a free app and it had no advertisements. At all. And they survived for quite a long time. 

In my opinion, I don’t think you should consider making an iOS app unless you really have the funds. Start with the computer, and if it gets successful, make an iOS app. This way people will actually know what it’s about before they buy it (if it’s 0.99 cents), there could be a large fanbase, and I think you might have more success in selling/supporting the app.

Sure, it may waste time, but most of the work will be done. You got the stories and the art (and stuff), now you’ll just have to code it into an iOS app.

Just my two cents. ^^;

iOS development doesn’t cost more than PC/Mac development apart from the iOS developer fee of 100 dollars a year. Beyond that, same things going on.

For games I make, I always make them for PC/Mac initially and then modify them for iOS as well after.

100 dollars per year compared to free hosting? I’d choose the latter.

Well, “free.” There are plenty of free programs (or at least programs Storm already bought) that can be exported into a zip file or something and then shared through mediafire/dropbox/etc. without charge.

I suppose it depends on whether you’re actually trying to make money/get a lot of players or not. If this was really just a fun project, I don’t think it’s necessary to spend 100 per year. That’s not a lot compared to other things, but it’s still spending, ya know?