Hey im kinda wondering if theyre any people here that play geomon.I know theres jemnidad,blixtiya,coppercoat,and the scientist.But anyone else?Geomon was a great Game about catching these “espers” which you could then use in battles with eachother.There was also trading,a chat,missions,and many other features.The game sadly shut down in April,and this may be one of my games i can resort to when it comes out.And i hope i can get to know you guys.

well, santos at least applied for beta :stuck_out_tongue:

People were saying that there was gonna be a new game developed that was like Geomon. I think it was called Deltamon or something like that.

micromon was talked about as well

I think geomon will be released in the near future due to s many complaints

Never played it. Why was it shut down?

I don’t really know. It just shut down

well, it never actually had an income until the last months, it just costed lots of money.

then Loki studio was sold to Yahoo, and they decided to shut it down.

Damn Yahoo, why they do this? Hearing you guys talk about it so fondly makes me sad I missed out on it. Hopefully they can come back some day

Hey, Reset here. Seems like Blix is pretty active on here, huh?

Yes, Geomon was a wonderful game. I loved it very much, and I still do. A lot of the Geomon community was talking about Hunter Island, so I thought, ‘Aw, why not?’ and decided to join the Hunter Island community. It seems like a very cool game, and I’m looking forward to it.

hey! its jjchen1. just joined the forums! did santos get in for beta?

Hey jjchen! Welcome to the forums! I just joined myself. Er, well, an hour ago or so.

I believe santos did get in beta. Does anyone know his username?

idk, but i keep hitting official facebook page thinking its how to get to the homepage of the forum…lol

Hey geomon players :wink:

I think I tried this game at some point but didn’t like it much and quit right away. Of course, maybe I would have liked it if I would have stuck with it. First impression wasn’t too good. Hunter Island, though, is pretty awesome.

hey hi guys…gathering again huh…icekoo here

Ah, I really loved the game. I think you should’ve stuck with it, but maybe it just wasn’t your thing.

Icekoo! I didn’t think I would ever see you again. Hello!

seems HI is attracting old players at least :slight_smile:

Im not really an old player …
Probably all came after you guys.

With all due respect, jjchen is truly the oldest player of Geomon here.

Well, maybe. Perhaps someone even older than jjchen is lurking around… but jjchen is pretty old, in terms of Geomon playing as far as I know.