Hey guys, I was just curious. I never downloaded dragon island blue before. Is it worth it to buy???
Sorry if it is off topic

Definitely, I spent many hours on that game. It’s basically just like hi except without the annoying bonus actions.

Oh ok. Thanks
Who is the best starter?

They all have their benefits but I recommend Blue as it is the most balanced in terms of stats

Thanks deadpool

I’d get it, I lost many days in that game.

I lost two months to that game

And that was before I beta’d the update

I’m not surprised actually…  I would have put more time into it if it wasn’t for school.

Never played DIV , so i cant tell

The story left you wanting a bit more than what came out of it but the art, the mechanics…it worked. It just absolutely worked

@Jean: you should try it sometime, not multiplayer but enough collecting to keep you satisfied

DIB definitely worth the money spent. Artwork and Story is fantastic. Game is smooth flowing. Only thing be willing to spend hours to get those dragons.

I loved dib. The monsters looked far better and the satisfaction of getting dreadknought

Nah , i collect yes but only special things like shinies in pokemon

DIB, like others said, is indeed worth the money. Its art is very realistic and there is a lot of explore.

But I’m sorry to say I think Hunter Island’s storyline is an extreme improvement. I was looking forward to the storyline in DIB but ended up just playing the game… for, well, the fighting, capturing, stuff like that. Not the story.

But other than that, it’s really awesome.

Loved DIB. Completely agree with what everyone else has said about it so far

Dib is a STEAL for .99 cents it should be atleast 2.99