Anyone one seen the micromon page you got to check it out. Amazing.


Oh my chickens! They’re done testing multiplayer?! Does that mean it’s almost going to be released?

I’M SO EXCITED FOR THAT GAME. I’ve been waiting a long time for it and the anticipation is almost unbearable haha

It seems that there just testing the rest of the game now.

With only one developer working part time on it… that’s going to move really slowly.

That’s true, but it’s better than no one working on it, yeah?

That it is. Hm…

Man, if I could help, I would do it for free

I would do the same Deadpool

I wish I could do it for free! But, you know… life. 

Looks fun…although a tiny bit too cute for my taste.

Tiberius, you’re playing Hunter Island.

That’s because I need something to keep me alive while I wait for DIB2…or maybe DragonIslandRed…or maybe they’ll make DragonIslandWhite…or maybe “Dragon Island, The Legends Return”

Lol, yeah. How come it’s dragon island blue? Where’s my dragon island rainbow? JK

Because of a jerk who jacked the name Dragon Island after they announced the game