For those who don’t have a Facebook. U wouldn’t know that micromon is coming to the App Store on the 31st. TURN UPPPPPPPPPPPP


UNLESS IT’S FREE. although i think they said it wouldn’t be

a shame

BUT TRUST ME, IT’S WORTH IT. The art is good and so is the animation. And the storyline seems pretty cool too.

I’m probs gonna get it on the 1st of august cuz that’s when I get paid.

Is it from the same group that did dragon island and hunters island? If so I will pass, if not I may check it out.

No, it isn’t.

ZigZaGames is publishing it but that’s about it

Can’t Wait! :D!

Same here,this May be the thing to fill my opening in gaming.(Man,I really hope they’ll add chat to it if the wont have it on release,the community has kept me into my favorite games)

a shame

What would be a shame is it being dropped because they can’t afford to keep developing it.

Soo excited will it be for ios 7 if so would be really sad as wouldn’t be able to get it

When I last looked, no, there was no chat

But I’ve stated my reasons why it’s a bad idea in general, good community or not

True enough.

Finally I will get it when it is released instead of joining in in season 3 of the game xD

Anyone starts playing yet? Comments on the game? Haven’t downloaded.

I’m planning on downloading it today, but from beta-ing, I can tell you:

  1. it’s awesome

  2. the animation is amazing

  3. the characters are memorable

  4. the music is good

  5. the paid currency can be earned for free

  6. the wheel cannot be timed (i think?)

  7. PVP!!

  8. unfortunately no chat

  9. it’s awesome

Of course, they probably changed some of these, (except for the no chat thing because someone told me there wasn’t) so don’t jump me. ^^;

Definitely worth a try, though. 

EDIT: Everything up there is true except I don’t think you can earn free paid currency. They do give it during quests, though. USE WISELY


FYI saving is super important when your going into the arena. The game has crashed on me all 3 times I’ve been in there at some point.

It’s a great game the delivers. Some crashes though.


Vaithe captured.

Just need to find the rest of the Godly’s in the wild.

Sad that even micromon has an update before this game

I really hate pulling this thread out