PvP MMR for 1st and 2nd half

I have a question regarding the matchmaking. I guess there is a matchmaking ratio (MMR) based on your wins and loses against least or more favoured opponents. My question is: is matchmaking completely random or based on a hidden MMR. In case of a hidden MMR: will it be resetted for 2nd half of PvP(this would mean we would play placement matches again to see where our MMR will be estimated) or do we keep our rating and start with hard fights on our level). I ask this because I see quite some people on my level who are giving away free wins to lower their matchmaking ratio. These players want to have an easier start I guess for the second half playing against worst opponents

So this states that the rating will be just not displayed during first half. So am I right that it will be kept and just turn visible for 2nd half? What’s your thoughts on people who are trying to lower their rating to have an easier start. Is it in the end useless because rating on lower level matches will be as well rewarded with lower points or how is it supposed to stay fair.

When they introduced the newest version of the matchmaking what they said was roughly this…

There are “brackets” which you are placed in. By winning lots (having a good win rate) in the bracket you’re in you will be pushed up into the next bracket. By losing lots you will go down a bracket. The game will attempt to match you with someone within your bracket.

The system always remembers which bracket you’re in, from event to event.

So technically it seems it’s possible to cheat the system for the “second half” of the PvP event by purposefully losing once you’ve hit the wins/RP you want until you go into the lowest bracket. This will help you get a certain amount of easy wins (as many consecutive wins as it takes before you’re in the top bracket once again). Considering the scores from last PvP season it’s probably possible for people to get into the top 100 or maybe even top 50 through use of this.

It’s also a potential exploit for getting the RP rewards by purposefully losing to get into the lowest bracket once you get over a “RP save point” then getting some easy wins in a row.

In practice, it may not be this easy to exploit depending on how they’ve decided to push people up the brackets from wins. Maybe it really doesn’t take much to jump into the top bracket. It also may be too easy to match with top players even if you’re in a lower bracket, so dropping your bracket could have not much effect. Whatever the case, I hope this is an exploit they’re able to stop from affecting the ranked PvP.

Thank you for the answer KD. Let me get the right conclusion: so you have as well no plan how they handled it in detail. I can confirm you that by lowering your bracket before the 2nd half start and then starting to play against worst opponents you can get easily top 200. I am really curious if this kind of manipulation is what the devs were aiming for to allow it. Why should I try hard in first half if I have not the advantage of earning more points during 2nd half instantly by winning against very tough opponents

Cause first half ain’t really connected it’s more a Pvp for trial where you can run test teams etc and just enjoy a perm Pvp in no way are your points connected and if you decide to lower yourself into a lower ranking if you start to win to many matches you will be brought into a higher tier

I got you but the rating is just hidden for first half:means it is not just a test run. You are actually placed on a rating which doesn’t count for now but it will remain hidden until 2nd half starts

Sometimes I think the Win ratio it displays should be reset for the second half because the first half is where you get experimental and try new things


I messaged the devs about this. They won’t do ■■■■ about it

I had understood that the first half was a trial and the second was the one that mattered … and that both were not related, I have to admit that I was giving wins just so that others could come to all the prizes, as a way to help community! Since they always help me in what I ask, the minimum I can is to return the favor!

I understand what @eNjiin raises, but I think it will not give you advantages in the PvP, because if you go up in the Top, you are matched with the same level, so I think that the first part is not related to the second. Excuse my English, it’s not my native language.


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Pretty much as what you win etc now won’t do jack for you in rank I could lose every game now and still be fighting top players on rank

You don’t get more points etc or anything what you win and lose remains the same and your win rate don’t even help that much it’s jist there to show you if your team works

I am more confused than getting a clear mindset about this. I mean so many different explanations ar the end
I guess time will show how it works. I think I might check the theory next season. This one I try hard. Good luck to all and thank you for the answers so far

The only time test will really matter is if it’s your first few Pvp

It would be good if you had the option of resetting your win loss ratio (seeing as you’re Probably the only one who sees it). Then when you’re trying teams you can see which ones are most effective. Or you can just reset before the second half :slight_smile:

Or have 1 master ratio and 1 resetable ratio

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There are hidden tiers where players can only go up.

Imagine there are 6 leagues, rookie, advanced, elite, expert, master and champion. Players in the rookie league only fight other rookies when PvP starts. Good players advance to the next league.

Which means, if you were original master league player and have advanced to champion league, by losing battles on purpose, you can only go down to your placed league (master league).

There are also hidden ratings determining who you will match within the league.

We will reset these “leagues” when 2nd half of PvP starts anyway, so it won’t matter that much.

I hope this explains your concern.


How were we placed in the original league?

There are many factors, such as previous PvP ratings, Hero Rank, story progress, etc.

Cool. So what league am I in? :sweat_smile:

I dont understand why that stuff is hidden. If they’re gonna show us our win rate why cant’t we see which league we’re in?

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I’d like to know my ‘league’ too. Where I’m at, there seems to be “Jack”, “Brent”, “Mike” etc named players who have Gyo, magma, Delug… You name it. They are bad players but have all the weapons in the arsenal. Anybody else seen these kind of players? I seriously doubt their legitimacy.

Thanks very much for elaborating. Sounds like a good system!

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