Why am I all of a sudden getting destroyed in PVP

The last two pvp I placed top 150. Started this pvp out with a good start and have since lost 18-22 games. I have consistently gone up against much higher tier players. @Devs why is it a player who has only had the game 3 months is going against top players “or at least much better teams” I only had a 60% win percentage last two pvp. If this continues I will be 20% if not worse. Need better matchmaking based on skills!


PM me your legends and I can help @Dslavin

Unless this is Sneaky Dane…

The matchmaking system has some issues no doubt.
However it isn’t a trash system either.

How long you have been playing is not really a direct factor when it comes to matchmaking. Your performance during previous PvP seasons does play a role. Finishing ranked 150 is fairly high.

There are hidden leagues in PvP, let’s say 5 leagues. During the PvP seasons you reached 150 you were in easy leagues. Now you have moved up to a higher league, hence more difficult teams to face against.

This PvP will give you a more balanced view of your level of play. You reaching 150 was probably not what you should have reached. Consider yourself lucky to have reached it. Don’t think about your past performance and make comparisons Because the system is still learning about you.

Having said that a win rate of 20% is ridiculous and if that does end up being your final winrate then the system screwed up and went the other extreme putting you in a higher league then you should be in.

@Dev_VKC I appreciate the Matchmaking system but I think a balanced league to be in is a league that enables us to have a win rate of around 50%. Any lower is not balanced.

Obviously if we are in the highest possible league or lowest possible league winrates are irrelevant in regards to balance. I mean if players are just too good they are gonna have very high win rates. And vice versa.

My advice is to not panic and be patient. It will hopefully balance out for you later.

@Saitama completely agree with I should be placed into a tier I can at least win 50%. I understand that I placed pretty high last pvp. But I was playing teams around my skill level.

I have decent legends and a good understanding of the game and strategy.

My issue is the fact I might not be going against top players but I am going against top teams. I am not losing because of skill gap just the fact my monsters can not stack up to these other teams.

My suggestion is 20 or so games at the start of pvp where we do get placed into a tier based system. A lot of games have it. And we can move up or down tiers based on Win-loss record. Almost like a SR.

I love this game and have really had fun so far. But the last two days I’ve almost thrown my phone because before the match even starts the game is over.

Ps I’ve tried 4-5 different team comps and strategies.

I’ve been having exceptionally bad luck myself. Normally I get at least 3 wins before it turns pear shaped but it got ugly right away for me

I got 200 plus wins at a 65% win rate last two pvps this one I can’t even get to 30 wins yet at least. I played 3 more got completely wrecked. Null, Del, galv, and lion last game killed half my team before I even got a turn

Yep… Same here… Everyone runs null galv Frontline against too…it suddenly got tougher this season for me too…

65% win rate is very high, definitely worthy of being pushed up a tier. When people on the forum are talking about having win rates of 70%+ they’re talking about the top tier. I can’t imagine people in the lower tiers have win rate near that without the game seeing they’re clearly too strong for the current tier.

What’s your win rate in the new tier? You said you’ve lost 18-22 games but we don’t know how many games you’ve played and your current win rate. I do sympathise… I can imagine it’s horrible to be near the bottom of a tier but some people have to be on the lower end of it.

So I started this pvp out very well went. 23-3 then since that point two days ago I have now gone 3 and 26. I understand they are trying to balance the best they can.

I’m my wins out of the 23-3, I played teams with similar mons but bad cohesion. Since then I have yet to play a team that isn’t top 100 guaranteed.

I’m not asking to win 70%,80%,90% but I am asking for more fair matchmaking based on monster skill somehow. I relied on outthinking my opponents in previous seasons and could win 60% that way even though I didn’t have the best mons.

Ps I got gyo and malwing and still no help even though they are great. Can not take on a whole team on A tier to S+

That’s literally a 50% winrate now, 26-26

Okay so you had 88% win rate for the first 26 matches then suddenly it flipped on its head and you began losing over and over. I can see how that would frustrate you but 88% win rate is insane… you definitely needed to be put against tougher opponents. I’d say this is the matchmaking system working as it should and you’ve had an unlucky streak. I don’t think there could be so much difference between the tiers that you’d flip from 88% in one to 12% in the other.

How many active players actually are there on the game? In most games if the search can’t find a suitable match it widens the search

I promise both of you the skill of the teams from them to now is insane. I just I have 50% win rate I’m okay with that. And yes 88% is high completely agree but to completely flip is absolutely rediculous not asking to win all, but if it equalized on a longer basis then that’s what in my opinion should happen.

Still enjoy the game just frustrating

You shouldn’t complain to much though. I’ll give you an example of what I’ve been going through in PvP. Last season I finished 110 rank. I had to endure fighting top 50 players more than I would have liked to during last PvP. My win rate was pretty much 50% the whole season. I finished at 50% as well. It felt unfair last PvP strictly because of who I needed to battle. But in hindsight I can’t complain because I had a 50% win rate and was happy with my ranking.

This PvP has become a bit stupid. Now I’m regularly facing stronger opponents. Lol my 4th battle this PvP was against last season Rank 1. In fact I just finished battling last seasons top 50 and top 30 players.

If anybody should be complaining about the system it should be me. I hope it balances out for me but at the moment it’s not balanced and things aren’t looking good

It seems like a lot of people are finding it harder this season. Maybe the system purged everybody’s default league this time around and some players(like me lol)got put in the wrong league.

Let’s hope it balances out. I’ll try and be patient with it.

BTW what’s your IGN? Maybe we battled.

There’s only one player ranked 110 and that’s you.

Only 200 players in top 200. Who else you gonna match up against?

I see you love maths… :grin:

Nah… It’s a pain to be in the middle…
I feel him…

When I started this season , little did I know what as coming for me , I did 85 wins with 80% win rate… ecstasic… :smile: And then came the bomb…
I was suddenly matched up against players way ahead of my team that couldnt possibly be equal threat !! Most of them in top 50…
And now When I lose , max 1000 rp is what I lose !
When I win now , I get 1070+ … But it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay painful… I have to squeeze my brain n get lucky ROFL !!! Now I pray before clicking find battle !

Being in the middle is horrible !

@Dslavin just suck it up and move on dude… Complaining here wont help . Although next season might get back to normal for you …Hope some noobs get matched up now for the win rewards !!!

PS… pity timer to reset league so we don’t end up stuck up forever ? :thinking:

To put it into perspective 60% win rate is very good 70% is pro level anything above that is insane


Don’t be silly. It’s the consistency I’m talking about. It’s happening most battles. It would be balanced to battle people within 300 ranks behind me and 50 ranks ahead of me. Occasional battles with top 50. Rarely against top 20.

Edit: Another thing is the gap in skill between a top 200 player and a top 50 players can be huge. I don’t know where the next threshold is within the top 50 rank but I imagine it’s big. So it’s not a simple “These guys are only 100 ranks ahead of me so I should be battling them most of the time” type of scenario. Those 100 ranks are like a mountain. I shouldn’t be put up against them so often.

Don’t think for a second the gap between me and players 300 ranks behind is huge. This is the first time I finished rank 110. It can get complicated but I believe if players are battling at 50% win rate the competition is fair.

I’m happy to battle against top players. Would be sad if I didn’t, but balance is needed. If my win rate is well under 50% then I’m out of my league and the matchmaking algorithm has got it wrong.

Not really a complaint more or a question to why this is happening and I understand based on the responses I was given. In the long run it will probably work out was just completely baffled by the complete 180 in opponents. It’s all a game in the long run just here to have fun and hopefully get better @Professor_Oak.