PvP event survey

Hey guys, how’s going?

PvP event has finished, we sincerely hope you all enjoyed the event.

In the next PvP event, we will change the PvP ranking from VPs back to Battle Points, i.e Rating. (but no ranking rewards yet)

Rating will increase and decrease per win and loss. The gaining/decreasing amount of Rating depends the strength of your opponent. VPs will stay only for unlocking rewards.

We would like to know how you experience in the previous PvP event and thought on ranking system.
**You don’t have to force yourselves to answer all the questions.

  1. How often did you meet someone who were much stronger/weaker than you? (Please tell us your Hero Rank)
  2. Did you have any difficulty to find matches?
  3. If you were the player only played few battles (let’s say less than 10 games), what are the reasons?

  1. Would you like to see ranking rewards in PvP? (similar to Ultimate Challenge)
  2. Do you want to see a new limited monster as rewards? (VP, win or ranking rewards)

  1. What do you think about removing Battle Tickets in non-rank PvP event?
  2. What do you think about removing Battle Tickets in rank PvP event?
  3. Other thoughts on Battle Tickets?
  4. If we were running Rank PvP event, how long do you want the event to be?

  1. Would you like to see Special PvP back?
  2. Any special rule you want to see in the Special PvP?

Thanks! :hugs:


Personally I loved the new PvP. The rewards weren’t amazing but they matched the challenge. It seemed very balanced to me. I’m not looking forward to the bringing back of the old system. Having points go up and down can be discouraging/demoralizing. If u do you need to be way more generous with the rewards. It’s just to intense and stressful.
But if u brought it back as an addition. 2 versions of PvP or just an additional reward system/ranking added to the new version then the Extremely competitive people will be happy and the reasonably competitive people like myself will also be happy.
(EDIT) I might have misunderstood what you said. If the ranking doesn’t play a role for unlocking rewards but VP remain for that, then it’s a great change you are bringing. Having points go up and down depending on how strong your opponent is will give a more accurate indication of a players skill… Generally speaking…
I mistakenly thought you said rewards will be unlocked this way!!

I’ll answer all the questions when I edit this post later. Don’t have time now.

Thankyou very much for this awesome game. I’m loving it.

EDIT: Survey Answers Bellow:

(Q1) 60% of the time they were stronger than me. 40% Weaker. I liked it this way

(Q2) No

(Q3) played plenty

(Q4) NO. Unless the ranking rewards are an ADDITION to the current rewards. The current rewards work fine for what we need to do. If you change it to ranking rewards only you really need to be more generous with the rewards. Way more gems.

(Q5) YES! YES! I can’t believe u don’t have a monster as a reward. Please bring back Captain Whiskers. I didn’t get a chance to get him PLEASE!

(Q6,7 & 8)

I felt like we had plenty of battle tickets. People need to sleep as well. I played heaps and struggled to use them. Some battles take 10min each. It’s a huge time commitment!

If you remove the tickets don’t increase the requirements for the rewards. Don’t force us to play more in order to get the same rewards as the most recent event.

(Q9) PvP should be a weekly event that runs for 5 days each week Wednesday to Sunday AEST:). We shouldn’t be waiting so long for the next event.

(Q10 & 11)

I got no idea what this is.

I love the fact y’all making pvp rank again. Allow top 50 player to get a crown. Battle ticket should be remove from non rank pvp as well


Ranking Rewards are a nice idea…maybe with new good Super Epics and Crown or other things

So many questions here…iam sure Killerdog write for every Question a 2 sides long Text… :sweat::sleeping:

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The search system was quite good this time, I didn’t meet anyone twice in a row and I guess that’s a good thing for some players. (I used to hate to meet a complete counter 5 times in a row and go down with 500 bp). A ranking reward sounds good, a pvp crown that is seperated from uc crown, a featured se (featured archelo :new_moon_with_face:), no fruits, gems, and maybe few million silver.

And I would love to see more themed pvp’s. They are fun as people are forced to use different stuff.


(Q1) About 70% stronger. 30% weaker. Lv 132
(Q2) No.
(Q3) Not applicable.

(Q4) Yes.
(Q5) Maybe not.

(Q6) We need to rest, so the requirement is fine.
(Q7) PvP event doesn’t need the tickets if player ranking is base on match performances
(Q8&9) No idea.

(Q10&11) Maybe we can choose monsters from the setting pools. New players can have chances win the senior ones. :sunglasses:

Loved the new PvP.

It never took more than 30 seconds to find an opponent.

Generally opponents were 40% stronger, 60% weaker, but im at a weird point where i have a ton of legends and no skill to match :sweat_smile:.

Ranking awards would be awesome! And would motivate the new players to go ahead and give it a shot if it were equivalent to UC rewards.

I dont think we need an SE for PvP, but i guess ill never turn down a new entry in the monsterdex.

Personally i would love if you removed battle tickets in a ranked PvP with the new win/loss system. But I can also see where that opens it up totally to grinding. But also, these games are won by grinding, a la South Park boar slaughter.

I think 5-6 days is perfect amount.

I liked special PvP in theory, but didn’t participate in practice. That said, our clan did a special rule tournament allowing only 4 legends, 8 SE, and the rest had to be E or lower. I think we all really enjoyed that as it made us use some combos we would not have used otherwise.

Again, thanks for improving the PvP it qas a great smooth experience with no difficulty finding matches and very few freezes or disconnects.

Q1 70% of the time (HR - 108)
Q2 No
Q3 N/A

Q4 Yes
Q5 Yes (For VP wins so even weak players have a chance of getting the reward)

Q6 No
Q7 No
Q8 Increase the max limit from 6 back to 12
Q9 4 Days

Q10 Yes
Q11 Limit the amount of legends used in the team

So many questions. Almost too many for me… almost :wink:

Most matches were with the right people but I matched with people who looked a lot weaker more frequently than before (10-20%?). They definitely wouldn’t have been in the top bracket of PvP. Hero rank 200.

None at all and all were stable (only disconnected once and that was because I was on a train).

Yes, very much so. I think this nicely encourages all players to do a bit more than they normally would and the competitive (and big spending) people like having reasons to go mad and try to win.

Yes to limited monsters but not new ones, for wins (15?). I think limited monsters are a great way to encourage people to play events a reasonable amount. It would be good to encourage all players to get 15 wins even if they find PvP hard (like how the Omegamid at 20 wins does). However, PvP isn’t enjoyed by everyone so I personally think it would be a good place to re-release old limited SEs. Many newer players want access to some of those old limited monsters but they’re less appealing to older players so are hard to fit into the other events. In PvP, older players are more likely to focus on the leaderboard or using it to have fun so a limited monster is less demanded by them and it might be a good chance to bring out old monsters for newer players to jump in and grab. Either way, yes I like the idea of including SE monsters in the rewards. Just don’t make it for VP because that’s harsh to the weaker people.

I don’t like it. The battle tickets make people spread out their matches a bit more so activity remains for the duration of the event. 12 tickets is plenty and they refresh every 30 minutes… you can feed your addiction enough with that.

A big NO! One of the things people hate about the VP system is the grind for top ranks. Rating won’t quite be like that, but it will to some degree.

Generally a good thing as long as they’re balanced how they are right now (high maximum and pretty low refresh rate). In other events you want them to come back slowly so the event isn’t a pain to keep on top of. In PvP you want an excess of tickets (more than you need to get the rewards) so people can play extra for fun but without unbalancing access to the rewards or doing everything they want in the first couple of days and leaving PvP empty at the end.

No more than 5 days. That’s the amount we’re used to for other events. If you want to do a “weekend frenzy” from time to time where there are daily leaderboards on Saturday and Sunday, maybe with special rules like poison immunity or stun immunity for each (different each day), then that could be fun.

Yes. I like needing to think outside the box and this makes particular monsters useful. E.g. Cyclozar is awesome in stun immune PvP!

  1. No more than 2 legendaries of each element
  2. All monsters in your team have to be the same element (the player chooses which element)
  3. All monsters have excessive force (haven’t thought about this one properly)
  4. All monsters have shield entrance (haven’t thought about this one properly)
  5. All monsters have stun/poison/sleep immunity
  6. Constant gravity field / time lock
  7. All monsters have slightly buffed defence (haven’t thought about this one properly)
  8. Pick two extra legendary monsters to add to your team, one in 1st position and one in 18th position (from a selection of 10 legendaries). Here you would pick after selecting to “find match” and after clicking the two monsters it will begin searching for an opponent.

Restricting legendaries too much spoils the diversity as people pick the same SEs. Similar story with restricting team cost.

All monsters have poison immune…you should have thought about it properly.

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The only thing I would say is even though I’m the one who started the post about making it back to battle points so it’s more competitive is don’t make the rewards unachievable by the majority. Like maybe have rewards for hitting over 1k points and to the person who finishes top but if all the rewards are based on over 800,900,1000 and top 10 etc then a lot of people who can’t reach them rewards will be put off which I completely understand unless we still keep the so many win rewards to but I personally don’t want to see it so the only rewards that the lower tier can get is wins just put a very good reward like 20 gems and 5 legend pots (just an example) for number 1 so it makes the top tier really go for it

I think hes talking about doing battle points and victory points separately. So now there will be 3 reward categories.

BP determines your rank and goes +1/-1 and gets ranking rewards.

VP is just a category of points to earn rewards and doesnt decrease for losses.

Raw number of wins is a category to earn rewards.

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What is it that comes to your mind? Sleep OP??

@Saul1417 I don’t think rewards for battle points would be for reaching XXX points. The battle points will get you your ranking position then the rewards you receive are for your rank… like in UC.

So rewards would be like:
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4-10th, 11-50th, 51-100th, etc.

When RAF/RAO did our 4,8,4 format it did not at all lead to the same monsters. Some people went sleep meta (there was an amazing Bunker Strat lead), some people went paired SEs, some went fast TT poisom and one made phenomenal use of just the starter SEs and took many of us by surprise.

The metas are very diverse now with a lot of counters. I think there would be a lot of variety.

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Maybe, but I was disappointed last time with the lack of diversity and I think others were too. Restricting legendaries so much breaks a lot of the combos which SEs play into and massively cuts down on the diversity possible. I think people have a tendency to copy others in the main PvP events, something I doubt you’d see in clan PvP.

Love the idea of battle points, can’t wait to try it out again.

CBA with all questions but only one which intrigued me,
Special rule PvP ,
Stun immune has been done,

The one thing which really makes players to think hard on team building is the cost of the team,

Imagine having ONLY special PvP having ranking rewards, making cost & amount of legends in play & then only top players battle it out for top 10 . That will really pick the best out of best .

Rewards can be diversified,
As of now, there are vp’s & win counts,
So addition of ranking rewards won’t hurt much.

Shielded monsters will be crazily hard to counter, and sleep will be OP as well. Most of them are exclusives. Almost no chance to win for unlucky players.

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PvP was fun. Being a level 70 at the time, I was around 50/50, maybe a little on the losing side, because some teams demolished me.

One guy had some stunning/giving turns strategy that knocked out my last 10 guys without even giving me a turn. My phone screen actually went dark from touch inactivity.
Seemed a little unfair, but I’m guessing the matchups are random.

Still is fun though.

Didn’t play the Arena this time, but want to say, that a monster reward would definitely motivate me to take part in it.

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Death match mode/ auto death sentence mode + poison immunity, all monsters die if they survive for 320 seconds