PvP event survey


I think pvp is fine where it’s at tbh if you go back to the old one i just Keep my score down and fight noobs for easy wins :joy: i like The random match making


Ah this is the idea that was on the tip of my tongue! I love it as an idea for special PvP.

@kocowind In the past people said sleep would become OP in a poison immune special PvP. However, now we have a number of sleep immune monsters and other things to counter it if needed. Poison isn’t the only counter to sleep teams.


The level of opponents that touched me was very good, usually we were level.
2.No problem.
3. I only played until I reached 60 times.
4. It is very necessary to put new ideas for the top 50, it would be worth implementing something different to the crown, to differentiate those who have won in pvp to those who win in UC.
5. If possible, add some limited super epic monsters.
6-9. the tickets would be good to lower them to 10 with that is more than enough.
11-12. it could be a specialty of only super epics or elementary.

  1. Wide range for me. Some were complete noobs, others were top 3. I didn’t grind a whole bunch though, so perhaps I ran into lower people than usual due to VP difference. I could have climbed higher if I had consistently done the event.

  2. Nope, none at all.

  3. Played a bunch.

  4. Yes, that would be awesome. Make it a VP reward monster.

  5. Non-rank, sure. Why not? I mean, you’re just trying to get rewards at that point, why can’t I concentrate my earning them into like a one-night thing instead of having to constantly play 4 out of every 6 hours.

  6. If we remove VP as being the ranking rewards, then that might work out okay. The other side of this would be giving people 5 matches a day in order to get a very accurate reading of everyone’s performance.

  7. They are a pain, but have a use.

  8. Rank pvp should be a weekend thing. Non ranked pvp should be always on, and have a reward system like hunter island’s.

  9. Yes.

  10. All monsters have eternal rebirth.

All monsters have stun, poison, sleep immunity, unmovable.

Draft pvp.

Global bad friend field(both sides). Aka all monsters have bad friend field.


Thank you for complimenting my starters :wink: lemme kiss you ;*


All sleep immune legendaries are exclusive. Not every player has insane luck like you.


Hey let’s not make this personal. The only sleep immune legendary I have is Angelion. There are Jackalhotep, Blazebones, Flutterdrake Rose, Saberdragon and Diredemon which are all SEs which many people have. That’s only the “sleep immune” monsters… there are also many other things which can combat a sleep meta if that’s what happens when all monsters have poison immunity.


Is kamishogun exclusive?


Nope. Its about as common as grass.


How often did you meet someone who were much stronger/weaker than you? (Please tell us your Hero Rank)

Was quite random there, met quite a few lower level players as well as a few higher level players.

Did you have any difficulty to find matches?

Not too much. Had 3 occasions where I was sent back to PvP screen while looking for opponent.

If you were the player only played few battles (let’s say less than 10 games), what are the reasons?

I eventually managed to get 60 wins. I have very limited time to play, so it is a grind for me to get to 60 wins etc. Trying to get matches in the last day or so can be a bit harder as well since quite a few players stop after 60 wins, so opponents become rarer. Having the PvP run for another 2 days or so would make it easier.

Would you like to see ranking rewards in PvP? (similar to Ultimate Challenge)

Yeah, that would be great.

Do you want to see a new limited monster as rewards? (VP, win or ranking rewards)

This is always a good idea for a reward. Having limited monster rewards always encouraged players to play more, but they need to be new limited monsters. Returning monsters can be left for other events such as Balancion and SOTF.

What do you think about removing Battle Tickets in non-rank PvP event?


What do you think about removing Battle Tickets in rank PvP event?

No, don’t think that’ll be a great idea. That will basically just give the ppl with more time a better chance of getting ranked.

Other thoughts on Battle Tickets?

Not really.

If we were running Rank PvP event, how long do you want the event to be?

7 Days… that should give ppl enough time to play.

Would you like to see Special PvP back?

YES!! I really enjoyed the no-stun PvP event.

Any special rule you want to see in the Special PvP?

There’s plenty of options available. We’ve had interclan tournaments with a few already:

  • 4 Leg, 4 SE, 8 anything else
  • 4 x 4… So only 4 monsters per team
  • SE and lower only, no starters/TT allowed
  • Single element team

So many more…

  1. Probably 80% of my games were competitive ggs, and when I did meet bad teams I’d only meet them once (not four matches in a row like previous PVPs)

  2. Found matches faster than before.

  3. N/A

  4. Yup, would love to see crowns available again for top 50.

  5. No, don’t think monsters for rewards is needed.

  6. I don’t think battle tickets are needed if we are having battle points increased/decreased for wins/losses.

  7. See above answer.

  8. N/A

  9. Current amount of time for PvP is fine.

  10. Not too fussed on special PVP, preferred champions cup, 172 cost PvP and 100 cost PvP.

  11. N/A


It was good nice devs :+1:t2: I loved it


I like the idea of the battle log as well, but a way of displaying win loss ratio, current win/loss streak and maybe even win % would add an extra element, especially if PvP goes back to the old points system.


Ya fam, we need a K:D. And prestige. Devs could learn from CoD.


Yes, it is only in rare eggs.


(Q4) if in pvp event can get crown thats too easy than ultimate challenge. I say no for this question


Top 50 in either event is no joke.


Maybe with vp. Bp leaderboard will look completely different


@Dev_VKC I would like to be able to say “gg” or “nice move” or give my opponent a thumbs up at various times throughout the match (to recognize their good move, near the end of the battle, etc). The messages could even be pre-populated (not a full chat feature). As it stands now there’s a communication gap between player1 and player2 that would help boost player relationships amongst the game’s community.

Also: I noticed that my opponent’s move wasn’t being listed in the black box on the right-hand side. I feel we should always be able to see what move our opponent just made. Maybe even a log of this?

“Player2’s Armavolt used Stealth Teammate (50TU) on Player2’s Tygoron”

“Player2’s Raizen used Stun Redemption (50TU) on Player1’s Delugazar but was absorbed by Player1’s Bitterbeast”


I noticed the enemy’s last move didnt always appear as well. Im guessing thats not intentional.