Nulltron isn't good enough. I want to hear other people's opinions though.

Ok let’s get serious about this brand spanking new monster that just got released… Nulltron.
I’ve used him a lot in the 3 days I had him during PvP. Had many battles against a variety of teams including top 50 teams. tried hard to make him work but struggled.

To be frank In my opinion he is a disappointing monster for the following reasons:

  1. RAW moves… Protectors are very important in PvP and this is an instant liability. Yes I know it might be possible to make him work without a protector but it’s gonna come at great expense and risk. Plus a very particular team is needed to make this work it isn’t viable for most. If he at least had stun counter I could afford having him without a protector.

  2. Sitting duck. He comes in with no protectors and no shield entrance. Often dies like a sack of potatoes before causing major damage or often any damage.

  3. Difficult to setup. His main way to kill non-token monsters is his double timestrike. The problem is stun immunity is all over the place in PvP. This isn’t easy to setup at all. Often comes in with nothing to do except repulse.

  4. Isn’t dangerous when he gets a turn. I’ve lost count of the amount of times he manages to convert stun and having nothing to do. Breaks my heart hitting the skip button. Unlike every other stun converting monster out there They make me feel uneasy when they convert stun. They are dangerous when they have a turn. Every.Single.One of them.

  5. His Repulse is not enough to make him amazing. It’s a great move but just doesn’t cut it considering all the other issues he has.

This bastard is fantastic for clearing rocks I admit. But is that what he was designed to do? Surely he was designed to sweep real monsters Otherwise why give him blood moves? You might think that clearing the rocks will charge is blood moves. Well that’s if u don’t have a protector on the field.

If people are gonna complain about me comparing him to Lion or other stun converting monsters then please let me know who I should compare him to. Otherwise keep silent.

Also if u haven’t used him in PvP or faced him on numerous occasions( Unlikely considering he was an opponent for only a few days) I rather not hear your opinion. I want opinions from actual gameplay or at least facing him on multiple occasions. The main reason I say this is because he is one of those monsters that looks good on paper but isn’t in actual gameplay. Real experience is very important with this monster.

I’m 100% happy to hear opposing views from Nulltron owners in fact I would be delighted to be persuaded otherwise, I desperately want to be excited about having this guy. So please if u had amazing experiences with him do share. Tell me what I’m missing. I want to learn.

Let’s keep this constructive and civil. Give me your honest view from your personal experience.

I think he is not a crap monster but overall he is a dissapointment. Also I don’t even want him to be stronger than monsters like Angelion, Magmar, BB, ect. But It would be nice if he was their equal.

I strongly believe the devs overestimated his ability to be set up when designing him. If he at least had stun counter I could survive having him without protectors. Heck even shield entrance will help, but won’t cut it.

I suggest removing his RAW moves and replace them with another equivalent blood move. Or if not give him stun counter. If having 3 stun counter monsters floating around is to much for PvP. Place limits to how many stun counter monsters we can run in a team. This will make it more fun anyway. I don’t think 3 is to much btw.

I hope I’m wrong and look forward to hearing your experiences.

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We had another thread for this why open a second one

The other thread wasn’t for this at all. I didn’t want to continue hijacking it. The other thread was about the Nulltron challenge

Also in response I don’t think you know just how broken repulse is in this game it’s been probably one of the greatest moves throughout every meta people would use Remus in the highest meta levels in Pvp at one point null is a buffed version of that

The power to control the playing field is why stuff like malwing is seen as broken as well at the present time

Ah ok fair enough

Repulse is a great move I acknowledged that. Do I need to beg for gameplay experiences with this guy. Please share!

Does the fact he was very common in the top 10 teams line ups count towards game play

I’m so glad to hear how experienced you are with this monster after 3 days of owning it XD I’m not going to bother trying to talk you out of this, I’ve done my bit. All I’ll say is I was lucky enough to get a look at all the upcoming monsters a while back and Nulltron was the one I marked as the strongest. It’s an absolute beast which is strong and then becomes one of the best monsters in the game when used in the right team.


Or that starlord used a pretty nifty team with it and got second place or the one guy that ran valza tygo null midgame that was able to pick up a lot of momentum

Not unless those top ten people share their experiences with him. I want to hear them!

I’m pretty sure I’m qualified enough to give a opinion on a legend even if i don’t have it

what a sarcastic reply. Very disappointed. Can’t you see I’m asking for more input?? What does that tell you? I’m not claiming to know it all. Please read my post again. I want others to fill in the gaps.

You don’t need to own it. At least faced it in PvP I mentioned that in the OP. How did u feel when the opponent had a Nulltron? How would you compare it to other monsters that you face?

How bout you play me and I’ll show you. No joke I think it’ll be fun.

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Lol You will kick my but regardless. With or without him. Anyway I appreciate you positive view I will check out your combo later. I want to hear from more.

The fear of that repluse scared me coupled with its high speed in one game null tron came in knocked back my lion into a shocker then bringing his other stun converts forward and he ripped through my team only was able to save myself cause they made a mistake at the end.

Nulltron gives me as much terror as malwing and it’s blowback

In another game nulltron was able to knock back my stun convert stun my protect then they used raizen to time double me that was painful

Or in another game they used nulltron to remove my aegis then use their bb to take out my mecha letting them set up

It’s refreshing to hear such experiences. Thanks!

I really want nulltron but knowing my rng it will take 40 packs so I have to miss out on him :sob::sob::sob:

I really want Malwing:) again thanks for sharing even though Malwing scares me way more than. Nulltron, I like hearing other people’s opinions

@Saitama Try something with assisted holy.

Sanctallion, nulltron, midasdragon, utopion.

Nova, tt, nova, execute, execute, execute, execute, raw bloodthirst from there.