A very bad nerf- Outraged!

To all the people who complained about my lagodragon combo - hate you all !
And this nerf just makes me wanna quit the game…

The combo had a lot of disadvantages… It was susceptible to all high speed teams, stuns, Chrono killers , regalion , robinator , aoe etc etc…

This nerf is highly unwarranted . If it’s gonna stay 3 use, then remove link condition… As an Earth monster , it’s already very difficult to make it work against stun and now this ? Because one guy used it and a few noob teams QQ’ed in forum ?
Kudos neo team…

P.s : Fix magma repent first , poison ticks !!!

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Worst update by far


I thought about you when i saw the lago nerf. This update overall seems very lazy i’m also quite disappointed. I believe this is the 2nd or 3nd time they buff sunlord. Also i don’t get the dolphreeze nerf? Why cut his survivability by half? :joy:

This is heart-breaking… I know I caused some havoc in PvP mid-brackets but now I regret using that team instead of my other team… And to top it off, they featured lago just about 10days back and nerf it now…

I just can’t find words to express my hatred right now…

This update is overall , lazy random number reductions!!! No mechanic improvement or anything whatsoever…
Oh they added one extra star for extra package deals !

I think what the devs should do is: Stop making new monsters for 1 update, and mainly focus on changes. All they did now was few changes and probably 50 new monsters. Make it oposite, few new monsters and 50 changes. You probably have monsters now to last out the next 4 months, focus on changes only. Please.


Dude you where way to strong no one stood a chance you had to be nerfed :joy:

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I think they’re out to get us Oaks @Professor_Oak

I’ve been nerfed a few times :wink:

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Ye… perfectly why they could have sold lots of nulltrons , cyclozars and made $

They hate oaks :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Overall this update is what I expected hate it or love it and I know it’s hard you just have to deal with it

Expected ? Sketchy :open_mouth:
But yea, I’ll have to find some new and more annoying teams


I still feel bad for you :cry: sucks when you get loved monster nerfed

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I’ll find a new favorite :smirk:

Stay strong I know you will :muscle:


Im sad poor old vulcorath didnt get any love hopefully next time theyll be kind to him and give him a passive.

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Devs forgot he existed


Auto Poisoners too! They need Secret skills


They have passives and arnt limited. Vulcaroth just looks like an unfinished legend since his the only one without a passive. Although i agree i dont want to turn it into a buff thread :sweat_smile: