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I’ve removed all the toxic discussion. Please keep posts in this thread only about game bugs


Nooooo. My two posts were being welcoming and then embracing the challenge! :joy:

(Thanks for keeping the forum tidy though KD :sweat_smile:)

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Thank you and sorry, I couldn’t not answer him…


I have a bug to report.

Dk why this is happening but when I try to go online it is saying cannot connect to the online server.

My friend code is 1141173

@Killerdog pls help bad

My friend it means u are banned


@Dev_VKC so my infernicorn killed my opponent’s last monster (apollonis) and infernicorn died at the same time which for some reason triggered sunflower’s effect evem tho the game should’ve ended there. I couldn’t anything, attack anyone, couldn’t even use vigor moves because apparently I was at 0 heath but my opponent got the time out win from an obvious loss.


Good catch on that bug! It’s a very rare thing to happen but I bet some people outside the online community have had losses from it

@Dev_VKC This is still an issue, even in manual play. This was the last boss fight on the last floor in my DC checkpoint. I had to restart the game bc the AI wouldn’t make a move, which means I “lost” and now have to do all of the fights over again.



I swear it’s literally always fire units that do it, especially infernocorn, hellfox, ashterios and keeperdragons

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I’ve had it happen three times so far while auto-play has been off. Luckily it was twice during a test battle and once in SCB (no screenshot) so it didn’t cost me any tickets or time.

they both want to use double repulse, in hellfoxes case it wants to use double retribution. it doesn’t understand why it cant target 2 opponents with one of them being god bird.

@EMI_Eklypz is right.

Soral is causing a bug @Dev_VKC It froze on me too.

I am very sorry for the issue.
We are looking into this bug and will fix it in the next update.

Stuck in download page, any update going on?


There seems to be a bug in the defense

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its “Undefensive Mode” - gets weaker lol.

chickenbroother you live

Hi @Dev_VKC , it’s been a while since I posted here asking you to check out Bastia’s Random Send Back skill. The problem persists, it continues to target monsters with the Immovable passive, which is one turn lost. Please fix it in the next update :pray:

@Dev_VKC I just completed 3 chapter 3 hell mode battles today and I did not receive gems for any of them. I tried restarting app and checking inbox but there is nothing there.