Please help her friend

Why do not I get a bonus at all , when I had 7 days to play but did not get a bonus every day and bonus stars and get monster ChronoX

send email to devs

what email
What email Name dev

go look for it, its somewhere in the game if you have any problems. I forgot where it is.

The thing is if even they fix your account, your time will be started counting as the first day no matter how much time you played before

I often start back in the game because the bonus was not given, and I started early again , and there, but when I play my taxable account existing block bonuses , and when I want to start again I did not get a bonus as you

Uninstall and Reinstall the apk, use the restore code to restore data. It should work. Happened with me…

Please lock this topic admin! I gave this guy an account, but he does not respect that. He is very impolite and greedy. He just wants someone to give him an account with full of legends. Lol I am so regretted I gave him my Shadowyrm account.

Before begging for something, you should learn how to respect who help you first. Otherwise, please try to learn English if you want to join a forum for English speaker. 

Locking on request (and because OP request has been fulfilled it seems)