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Its most probably because Your Jackolene entered when enemy monsters died at the same time. It must have targeted that mon which was killed

is there no other way to trigger an ent effect?

Raven is right. It’s coding they never fixed. But a revenge mon needs a ‘target’. If the target monster dies then the effect doesn’t trigger.

Using jackolene puts the outcome of the match up to RNG while simultaneously lowering the IQ of everyone in the nearby vicinity. This severely lowers your karma score, leaving you at the mercy of divine retribution.

Source: Karma, Causation, and Divine Intervention on JSTOR


i use rhinoel,jacolene at the same time and i have mapledragon and only motor is missing so I’m a Divine retribution too?

be real with u
that happened to me today too
thing is that my enemy jackolene didnt activate but mine did

@Dev_VKC ,
Recently one of my friends encountered this wierd bug of AOI while doing balancions trial on auto mode that killed plumelisk with high tide .

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We are sorry for the issue.
We’ve fixed her AI on the enemy side, unfortunately, we need a client update to fix player AI.


Anyone can tell me how Kattmander was able to get killed while I used auto-protect 3tu earlier???

yes. read the description of protect teammates…

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There is a 1 in 11111 chance for Protect Teammates to fail


What? This is true lol? Then I will spam some protectors to see my luck

thats actually a thing?

@loki @NML_I_am_Black apparently those are the odds the Devs provided.
Moral of the story: never hit protectors with single-target moves. There is always a chance for a better outcome :relieved::ok_hand:

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i found this bug. ^

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Actually that’s a reptile sorry

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I can confirm. I’ve been trying to hit around a protector in PvE ever since I found out. It never happened with my attack but the AI once did it to me haha


i legit thought that was a meme going around about protecters not protecting
honestly just mind blown from dis

Hi devs I have a problem I came back from the game about one year and my account got online blocked can you fix it this is my first time to encounter some problem in the game. I don’t know why what happen to my account.