Request: Mythic Ticket Exchange System

I’d like to request a reasonable system similar to that of upgrading our bonus potions but for legendary tickets to mythic tickets.

Originally when we’d get a duplicate of a legendary mon we already had at +9, we’d get a legendary potion that we could use on any of our legendary mons.

Unfortunately this was changed to a legendary ticket, which is only useful if we don’t have a specific mon in the shop. We need some way to keep all players happy even when they get a legendary ticket. I think by creating a legendary ticket -> mythic ticket exchange system that’d be helpful.



Legend ticket for a Legend Pot.

Been asking that for a long time, we should have a choice between the new way or old way of getting a +9 dupe.


I have already discussed this issue with devs and they said that maybe in future they will implement it, but will be so expensive ( 50(6S) for 1(7S) ). At this rate the exchange is too bad.

Especially at the rate we get legend pots currently

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Thanks for sharing. That exchange rate would be insulting tbh. Figured they’d come back around with some sort of compromise after nerfing legend pots, but I guess not.

An unfortunate decision made at the cost of the player base.


May I be refunded in the form of tickets for all of my Doomengine dupes over the years @Dev_VKC