Onyxia and the Mythics

Okay, what’s the deal with my scorpion boi? Why does everybody hate him so much?
And please don’t @ me cause in my opinion any mythic that gets outclassed by a super epic is the worst. (Looking at Dragulus) Hecc, even Kuraokami is worse than him, seeing as he can’t deal proper damage without a yuki

Assisted blight was his only reliable form of getting a pre charged kill and they replaced it with the worst move in the game, Dreaded Wave. That’s why.


Ah, okay

They basically made him completely 1on1 style monster. His dreaded wave doesn’t wake up enemies.

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When talking about second forms:

Scorpion mythic was semi viable and got nerfed with now having one of the worst moves in the game. It has bloodthirst which requires two kills to sweep when he isnt even close to being able to getting one kill. The second form doesnt have a single move that makes you say “Well, that might be useful”

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Even awakened. Hurts my team more than anything. Too bad love the monster design.

Hope they buff him next update @Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD


Dragulus is arguably the only non limited mythic that is PvP and PvE viable in second form

Void is good in 2nd form in time attack

Dreaded Wave/Strike and Despairing Wave/Strike will be based on the target’s max HP not current HP.
We will also reduce the TU cost in the next update.


Hurray!!! Onyx will be viable

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This will be huge in PvE events. Really interesting😏

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Unless it is 100-70 TU it will still be bad. (For the second form obviously)


You have no clue about balancing don’t u? If it is not based on current HP, this is already a huge buff. And a 100-70 tu dmg all would be insanely strong

so if it is 100 TU, you will deal 40% damage for 200 TU. (60% for the awakened but the awakened is already good enough)

in 200 TU you can do much more with other monsters, 40% max health is pretty irrelevant. not to mention there are a lot of purifying mist and camo monsters running around.

don’t act like you know how to balance when all you do is complain about APs.

I have not talked about APs in my recent post. No need to reference it if the majority says it needs a fix. What an unnecessary comparison. The damage dealt is quite high if you imagine for PvE events based on max HP. It’s a dynamic damage output. You are only restricted to pvp but you forget it can be used as well on other matchups🤦‍♂️
Saying HP is irrelevant overall is wrong. It’s actually not

Still 20 % is too low to have any significant impact and the second form will remain as bad as before

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They should’ve just make it piercing and keep it at 20% just a slightly better finishing snap.

If they keep it at 20 % it shouldn’t have more than 70 tu at least as a single target move

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it would actually be better if it was single target. since he was desinged for sleep teams which you don’t want to kill everything but one by one eat through the opponent’s monsters.
also, isn’t it technically piercing? since he doesn’t deal damage, just removes health which doesn’t care about shields or HG. don’t quote me on that tho.


Before it wasn’t since it was 20% of remaining health. I guess you’re right that it will be now. Also it doesn’t wake up enemies who are asleep