Onyx is even worse now ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Hey Devs. Desparing wave is a cool idea, except that it does 20% of enemyโ€™s remaining HP every time. Heres a quick test featuring ultra dusk, assisted dusk, then desparing wave.


These monsters were chosen for their very similar attack stats and type to show what ultradusk, assist dusk and despair wave does ro the same enemies from similar monsters.

Granted, if onyx had gone first it would have done more damage. But the above plus the 250tu makes this even worse than before FFS.

20% of full health doesnt get him a kill and takes him out of the match as bad as if he got hit by 2 shockers.

20% of low health doesnt get him a kill and takes him out of the match as if he got hit by 2 shockers.

What a joke.


Onix was always trash, idk why Brock wasted his time with him

Woah not even close to the Ultradusk either

I can say that even completely evolved. Its trash only good thing is instant knock back and stun counter.

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Fatal sting should kill things in 100 TU that would make Onyx an immediate threat


But how does that make devs money

Mr Wonderful basically asks this same question on every episode of Shark Tank

Iโ€™m not really sure what they were thinking with this move either.

It would be a lot better if it did 20% / 30% of MAX HEALTH and had TU reduced to 160TU. Then you could start to get some synergy going with sleep to sweep away the enemy team with a few attacks. Currently you can only get 1-2 attacks while the enemy is sleeping and take off a portion of their health.

Onyxia desperate needs to get a kill to charge bloodfury and by removing assisted blight itโ€™s made that a lot harder. Assisted blight was a powerful move that could be built around to guarantee that first kill, exactly what we want to see in this game. If youโ€™re going to add synergy with sleep on a sleep immune monster then make it something worth using, not a 250TU move that does what Novemdomina does automatically while sat on the field.

Another alternative is to make the despairing/dreaded moves synergise with โ€œdeath sentenceโ€ effects. The move will โ€œcriticalโ€ and deal 35%/50% of MAX HP (still remaining HP if not critical) if an enemy is afflicted by any kind of effect that causes them to die after a certain length of time. Using the move also applies a 400s death sentence to all enemies hit. Here I would suggest 250TU for the hit all version and 160TU for single target version. This will allow Onyxia to use fatal sting then follow up with dreaded wave to knock off a huge amount of the enemy health. For XYZ-999L it will use the move once on an enemy then can follow up by using it as the critical version on any target.

They could make mythic guaranteed but make it after 15 packs (600 gems).

Yeah I donโ€™t think devs intended for this to be a nerf. I believe the intention was probably max health, but might have been some coding error. Hopefully they fix it soon.

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Even from Max health its a joke for so high tu haha 40% from Max health wir 160 tu would be okay, 30% (20%) is a joke, Every assisted move does more damage

Maybe it was made to counter the meta for last PvP: Ducsy + 2 or more APs :joy: