Onyxia and the Mythics

I think the attack itself doesn’t wake up the affected monsters. Could be wrong since it’s been ages since I used Onyxia.

yes, it doesn’t wake up.

but what I meant was that you don’t want to kill the sleep monsters, you want them to be sleep locked while you are eating through their monsters. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget you will have +9 on Onyxia plus you can accelerate. If it was 100TU for dreaded wave that’s something like 70TU once accelerated… only needs 3 attacks to sweep the whole enemy team which is so easily done with sleep and definitely OoO.

I reckon 130TU for single target and 160TU for hit all sounds most reasonable.

@Dev_VKC Thanks so much for buffing these moves. Nobody had any idea what the purpose of these moves was and to Onyxia it was an especially heavy nerf.

130 TU single target will change nothing for the second form. That’s way too much. Either change the move, buff damage or reduce TU drastically but it simply shouldn’t be the case that a mythic second form has literally less than nothing to offer.


For some reason people don’t get why one for one is usually used (to sleep lock them and not kill them) for and also everyone run angelion or camo monsters which makes one for one frontline’s not really viable for this guy anymore.