No more blue club?

I am shocked that we don’t get the free A grade blue club (evolves to Coldheart) anymore.

Why does the developer do this? To punish the late comers? Or to increase the gap between the old and new players?

Is there a way to catch the blue club?

Did you already receive it?

No, I was introducing the game to my friend and am surprised that he cannot get it.

He is very frustrated after seeing my Coldheart.

I would strongly recommend the developers to put it back in, as I don’t see any advantages of removing it, and it can be very daunting to new comers.

Coldheart was only meant to be released for a limited time during the first few weeks of Hunter Island’s launch.

I can promise that while it’s gone now, it will come back in future missions

Its not for punishment purposes, not in the slightest

It was a promotion for game release and it’s been three weeks, so I can understand why they removed it

If you released a game, would you keep a game release promotion product out forever? Or would you use it at a later junction, thus increasing the rarity to keep players playing the game?

As of right now, the only other way to get coldheart is in the eggs but a mission will show up with blue cubs family in the future.

I know I have noone to blame for this but myself. I started playing only yesterday but after not liking the choices I made today I decided to delete and reinstall the app as suggested in the FAQ to get the gold and blue cub again…only I can’t get the blue cub anymore!!! 

SO can someone answer me if it’s possible to get it later in the game, or is it a limited edition thing? Because I’m kicking myself right now for not reinstalling earlier and I need to know.

Its possible to get Coldheart in an egg but its previous evolutions are not

So unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until the events come around

Also, there are three save files you guys can use so you don’t have to restart your game…

Ouch.  That said, there are many other obtainable Arks with similar abilities.

To be honest I have no objections, I am only speaking on behalf of my friend.

No offence, but ColdHeart as a mission reward? Really? (So far no ARK is catchable in any online missions). In my opinion, in PVP Coldheart is only OK-ish, not tankish enough and lacks a strong single attack. But in PVE, it is a powerhouse that can carry the player from the beginning till late game, at least it carried me the entire game.

And as a game release promotion, 3 weeks are too short. Similar promotion in other games usually last at least 1-2 months. I don’t see any existing players will leave because the blue club is still here, but I can already see removing the blue club can be very daunting to the new players. They just want an extra ARK that can carry them.

I think asking the players to wait for Arks like Destructor is understandable, but wait for an ARK like ColdHeart? Really?

If I recall correctly, the blue cub was supposed to be here for a single week to reward the players who’d been waiting for the release not three weeks. (Some of us had been waiting about a year for the game)

I have completed Dragon Island Blue and have also been waiting for this game, so I think I am qualified to comment on this.

I just don’t understand the logic.

I have played quite a few online games, and this is the only game I have seen that CONTINUES to provide exclusives to old players, including the mission rewards. All other games actually do the opposite - provide powerful stuff to new players in order to attract them and close the gap between new and old players.

How can I recommend this game to my friends now? “Come and play this game with me, I have got a free 9 star monster but u are not, haha!” ?

Blue Cub/Coldheart was a release promo which has already been pointed out.  And I also have to agree with Li that not having Coldheart isn’t going to be a detriment to PVP play as there are far better Arks for PVP.  As far as PVE goes, there are many Arks with very similar abilities and stats, your starters for one.

Aside from beta testers, there haven’t been any exclusive Arks.  Don Penguini, which was supposed to be a reward for Dragon Island players can be obtained by any player regardless of whether or not they played Dragon Island.

I’m not even really a Poke-Digi-Geo-Whatever-o-mon fan but this is a solid, fun game and a steal at 99 cents.  The IAP is inoffensive but fair if you want to drop some cash on the game…otherwise, you get a decent amount of gold in-game for eggs, recipes or whatever…not to mention the tons of free eggs you get from the online mission.

Every game I have played offered powerful/valuable exclusives for the first couple of players - the oldest - it’s not an especially unique practice. What they’re aiming to do here is reward the loyalty of customers - be the first to play this game, get exclusives. Miss out on the exclusives of this game? Well keep an eye out for them in the next game we do or miss out again.

Even the first, the most primitive, games on the internet like Neopets do that sort of thing. If you want rares that will never be released again you must be the first to join up, etc. It’s an unobtainable status symbol.

To be absolutely frank, it’s pretty lucky that you’ve still got the opportunity to get one from a golden egg. Even if that’s expensive, it’s probably nowhere near as expensive as the $1000+ worth of real money I’ve seen people ‘try’ to spend on buying currently unobtainable status symbols. I say ‘try’ because there are so few around that they won’t even have the chance to spend that amount of money on buying equivalent unobtainable status symbols in many games.

It might sound harsh, but it’s an extremely common practice and it’s usually enforced much more strongly. I’ve seen many games do the equivalent of never re-releasing any of OM monsters again and removing the cub from the gold egg and they are perhaps much more successful than HI will ever be.

So HI has gone down the said path. I’m not surprised, just a little bit sad as well. They can’t continue to earn money if they don’t release super duper rare exclusives to either get people to buy the app more quickly (so they can recoup development costs asap, I think that was the whole point of the blue cub) and they don’t maintain interest (with monsters like Kami and the twelve stars).

OK, you have got a point, and I agree with you. At the end of the day, I have got my ColdHeart, why am I arguing here?

It is because I am worried about the future of this game.

New blood is the key to every online game, including this one. If the developers continue to keep this altitude, care only about the old players and show no love to the new players, give exclusives to the older players but not the new players, trust me, this game will not last long. The new players have already missed out on the ColdHeart and Destructor (and other online mission rewards). When they go to PVP, they are just going to be smashed.

Penguini, as pointed out in the earlier post, is not suitable for beginners as it has no useful intermediate evolution form and takes too long to evolve. Even fully evolved, it lacks AOE, which is essential in PVE. Its skillset is more towards PVP.

Gold eggs require lots of luck. Good luck to all the new players.

…you know Don does have an AoE and a semi AoE, right? And it’s not like leveling them up is not that hard.

And you also have to add I. That they are still learning the ropes as it is their first time with online stuff, which explains the issues with the PVP and the Destructor mission disaster as some have called it

You guys really have to cut the Devs some slack

I’m not saying constructive criticism isn’t needed in such a game as this but there’s a point where we need to see it from their point of view as well.

If you add up all the players who paid just for the game who have liked it on Facebook, excluding the eggs and other things, that money wouldn’t be enough to pay for even one developer’s salary

Think about it for a bit guys

… Yes Don’s Chain Beak is  semi-AOE and Showdown is an AOE. I don’t consider Showdown as a reliable AOE that can be used regularly in normal PVE situations.

And same as you I do support the developers. I can see that they have put a lot of effort into this game and I really appreciate that the in-app purchase is not aggressive.

What I am saying here are the facts that I found. There are no more blue clubs. My friends have decided not to play this game any more. They think this game is not friendly to new comers. I have difficulties in introducing this game to my friends.

What do these facts lead to? Less income for the developers. I am only trying to flag this concern so that the developers can reflect and think of a solution. Maybe extend the promotion a little bit longer? I don’t think existing players will complain?

To be honest, while this is a good game, I think the developers need to put more effort into marketing. For instance, why can’t grade booster be purchased by real money? Also, even if I am willing to pay real money, but why must I win stuff through the spinner? Do you order food through a spinner at a restaurant? Some people may be OK with this, but I am only happy to pay for what I want, not for a chance to get what I want (and the chance is REALLY small).

Don’t mention the blue cub in the future then. I’m not trying to be mean but again, does the blue cub REALLY make or break the game? It kinda makes things easier in the beginning but there are other Arkadions just as good, if not better found in game and the solution to the blue cub issue is an online mission.

Honestly, we should be putting the effort into marketing. They’re maybe a 7 man team, at most. They can only spread themselves so thin and they tried to get a front page feature on the App Store but Apple is ridiculous.

And have you seen the power level of some of the Arkadions? Making the grade boosters buyable would probably be a killer for this game because it would make those who don’t want to spend anymore past the 99 cents quit the game, on top of the fact that buying specific Arkadions instead of the egg spin would go completely against what you’re saying, which is getter newer players in. Not everyone wants to pay for extra things and sometimes, you need to work for what you want.

OK, I am happy to take “do not mention blue club” as a solution, though I am disappointed that no better solution can be thought of. If you read my previous posts, I have already mentioned that the blue club is not game breaking, but is very helpful in early game and can show some love to the new comers.

Players who pay should be superior to people who do not pay. Otherwise why pay? This game is so strange that it does not protect the players who pay at all. One can keep paying and getting gustbats, while others who don’t pay but are really lucky can get an infernowyrm.

You can think that grade boosters can destroy the balance. But my PVP experience told me that the egg-only arks destroy the balance even more. There are not many things people can do to improve their PVP. There are only so many Arks that are collectable. After collecting all the collectable Arks, the only thing people can do is to try hard and farm S grade Arks, but sadly those farmable Arks are usually not that powerful.

So, how to fight these lucky people with egg-only Arks? Pay and pray to the spinner? Or the famous “wait” solution - please keep waiting and continue to be smashed by those people until those Arks become available? The day that people give up waiting, the day that this game dies - and this is a very risky strategy,

Its a limited thing and you can get them. And they’ll probably make another way to get them. Just relax. Its a single monster. There’s all kinda of good arks you can get. Coldheart doesn’t do as much as you say it does. As for those who get lucky, you can get other arks in game. Not to mention, more arks will be released later. As much as you may be sick of the " wait " thing, you gotta give the admins time. They have to do a lot of coding to help fix other issues. And they pay a lot more attention to players than other admins on other apps/games.

I’d rather have these bugs dealt with and pvp cheaters, than have them focus on how to get other players bluecub. And those who pay, take a chance at the rares in the egg. As I said before, they will eventually be not just in the egg.

Doesn’t mean blue cub should make or break your decision to play a game.

And I do agree the eggs are flawed and Spikes has put an interesting solution to the egg spin in the suggestions section

The egg only Arks shouldn’t have been in either but that was a mistake admitted by the Devs and the betas because neither side caught it when it was an obvious issues.

Honestly, I disagree with making the pay to play players superior, but that’s because I’m a fan of even playing fields for everyone, even pay to play.

You also have to factor in they’re still learning how the PVP works, as well as how to balance everything else.

There’s only so much the Devs can do atm and can fix