No more blue club?

I totally agree that the devs should focus on PVP cheaters and bugs.

I enjoyed this discussion, thanks everyone. I look forward to seeing this game continues to improve.


Thanks for the debate!

This is a good lesson in life. As it is not always fair.

we’re on it guys! thanks.  ;) With all honesty, I do agree we may need something for new players, but we got a huge exposure the first few days of the release, thanks to the many downloads we received from players on our facebook page etc, waiting for this game for months. That’s actually the only reason why this game made it on the top charts. Hopefully the players who started with Hunter Island can also help us with our next game. Bluecub (sorry for mentioning deadpool) was a way for us to say thank you to the people who helped us get there. 

I meant as a selling point to the new players when you introduce them to said game :stuck_out_tongue:

A good “thank you” could be to give those players the monster early and then give it to everyone else way later on.

I’ve said this so many times, but you just can’t have a monster collection game where you don’t let everyone get all the monsters. That’s the point for why many, if not most, people play. They want to get all the monsters.

If you wanted a “thank you” that doesn’t cause issues in this way, maybe gold would have been better?

Ah, that old chestnut, the classic “My friends are all going to quit and not give you guys any money!” threat that all game developers fear…

So, you’re saying your friends bought the game…like what this week?  So they missed out on Blue Cub and you said, “Hey, you missed out on Blue Cub.” so they said, “We quit!”

Color me highly skeptical that said friends have purchased a game (if they have at all) that costs a dollar and then “quit” a day or two later because they missed one single release promo.

There are plenty of Arkadions that are similarly as good You get free eggs literally every week, not only from the weekly mission but ingame quests and infinite dungeon as well. 

While Blue Cub/Coldheart is good for PVE it’s outshined by numerous Arkadions when it comes to PVP.


I just want to say that I’m not upset anymore that I didn’t get the blue cub earlier. A little bit, because of that “I can’t complete this game 100%” factor but on the other hand if I had it then it would make the game that much easier to complete once it evolved. Part of why I’m playing is because some of the fights are actually challenging, it’s also why I haven’t used any gold on eggs yet because I don’t want to get a random super strong monster.

You can get bluecub still but you can get it in eggs. Besides who knows what the admins have in store ;3

Legit, dude

+29 respect from me

Also, if you guys notice, the blue cub is not part of the original (200?) batch