No longer giving advice on eggs

I have so Much bad luck, i never time eggs and i dont ever got Anything good i bought 3000 gold, won 2 times 1000 and 2 times 500 and guess what i spent it all on eggs and guess what I had to feed everything…

Lol, you guys that are against timing eggs are just jealous that you cannot time it yourself! I am finally able to time the eggs and got some REALLY good monsters, but i got them because i PRACTICED! AND It IS an equal chance for everyone… If i want to be good at shooting at archery, i practice shooting arrows all day, and thats what timing an egg feels like. Just because your a “little slow” doesnt mean you cant be able to time an egg, it just takes practice… I see nothing wrong with timing eggs, as anyone that practices it will be able to do it… Just my thoughts

Just be careful, the first sentence is a borderline infringement of rule 6

I personally can’t be bothered to time eggs, would rather spend the gold on cards

Totally agree with assassin!!!

Equal chance for everyone!!!

Its called try harder and dont give up or say “I cant”

Si se puede or whatever!

Sorry everyone…

For what? -.^

First post and title. :stuck_out_tongue:

i can just hide these topics for you, that way new people will stop messaging you, as long as you dont talk about timing eggs in the future. 

Would you like us to hide them?

I think that egg timing does not have an equal chance for everyone.

With egg timing, you need to have a good sense of beat, and some people just can’t keep a beat. This makes egg timing so much harder (equaling to not the same as someone who has practiced drums for 7 years, etc).

That’s why I think egg timing is bad.

Also, the fact that the owners of this app actually want to get money and not just have people egg time. 

Admin - That would be great, thank you. I don’t mind getting messages asking for help. It would be my pleasure to assist people, whether it’s making a PvP team, giving advice on how to deal with storyline challenges, or answering general questions. However, the only issue would be the timing of eggs. However, since I assume that the egg will be changed in the future, it is not that big of a deal. The egg messages have sort of died out, because people know that it’s probably going out the door really soon.

Also, if the egg will be changed and it won’t be completely random (meaning you click “buy” and it spits out a prize) I’d be happy to help you make sure that it’s completely timing-proof.

@the above post, timing was never supposed to be possible. But you have people who have been practicing with a metronome for their entire lives…so…yeah. Ahaha. But if you think about it, it does make sense. Those who workout every day have an advantage in a marathon. Those who are into music have an advantage with eggs. n.n

But I agree, it does contribute to a lack of balance. Regardless, there are many fixes to this situation, and we just need to be patient. 

Honestly, if i couldnt time eggs and i had to pay $3 for every one i wouldve quit this game a long time ago. I think most people would agree. So if its going to be random at least give something thats worth the $3. Not D rank gustbat

Just a tip for all of u using a stopwatch~STOP, watching ur stopwatch use a metronome and stop 3.75 clicks before the firsy cycle at 150 beats per min~ I have never been more then 1 away
Except when I get a little anxiois and click lije a beat and a half early ~ I hope u all feel my pain whenever I do tht