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Hi all and @dev_vkc,

Its been a while since we got any new event except mythic colloseum which is again another form of monster “battles” , I thought of introducing my idea for a new kind of event that essentially is an amalgamation of already existing events.

I call it The Battle Tower !

The tower will have 25 levels.

Each level will increase in difficulty and number of enemy monsters one has to face. Difficulty here specifically means increased health bar for enemy monsters and game of hordes kind of numbers . No crazy UC kind of damage ! Normal damage with huge HP.

When a player defeats a level , they will be offered a choice between 3 randomnly selected ‘Tower Devices’. One device can be selected after defeating each level. Tower devices effects will be applied only within the event to players monsters only.

Tower Devices : These are special devices that empowers monsters with special battle effects or stat increase or elemental/type advantages

Examples :

  1. Shadow Stun-immunity device : This device will make all shadow monsters within party immune to stun .

  2. Elelemental immunity devices : Stun / sleep / poison / mark immunity for each element / type separately.

  3. Padrinorca device : Every time padrinorca makes a kill , another enemy monster will be killed instantly.

  4. Chrono device : When a monster gains a turn through another monster or by itself , there is a 40% chance that the remaining seconds of all the allies will be reduced by 50 seconds.

  5. Gorgo device : When gorgodrake takes a turn , all enemies will be instantly poisoned.

  6. Shocking device : When an ally monster is attacked , the attacker will be stunned by 50 seconds.

  7. Scorpion device : When Scorpiogeist makes a kill , it will gain another turn . This effect can apply once every 200 seconds.

  8. Bursting device : When an enemy monster is killed , remaining enemy monsters will take moderate damage.

  9. Bloody start device : Every ally monster will start its first turn with charged blood moves.

  10. Herb-device : When a plant type monster takes a turn , it will heal all ally monsters to full health

  11. Shadow device : Shadow monsters will make 100% more damage.

  12. Sleep device : When a sleep successfully lands, another non-sleeping enemy will be put to sleep at random 100% .

  13. Lemon device : Potent sleep is now 100% chance .

  14. Flaming bulk device : Every fire monster will have 500% more hp.

And so on.

I hope you guys get the idea behind these devices. They simply make your monsters insanely powerful inorder to tackle the tower difficulty which should be set appropriately.

If players are not satisfied with the devices that get offered after they defeat a level , they can reset that level , redo and have more chances till they find a device that’s suitable for their collection and playstyle
. So players must choose the devices carefully and form their team accordingly. I believe this will be a challenge since there is RNG in the devices offered. One might get a padri device but other player might not get a chance to get one.

So when players reach floor 25, they must carefully make a God-like team with 24 devices to face another insanely buffed monster team.


  1. It will be very much engaging to play with monsters that are super OP buffed by these devices.

  2. Devs can design new devices as more monsters get released. This will make the event look not so repeated. They can also design newer devices specific to elements or types so they promote link strategies.

  3. Every player will end up with different devices and teams to battle the Final level. Hence, event will be different for each player testing their neo-intuitions.

Rewards :

Each floor will give a reward.
Major rewards can be 5 rare gems , 20 gems , 2 legendary potions , 1 6* ticket.

Note : 5 Devices will be active for enemies that are same for every player per event.

Thank you!



I love this! Have you played Marvel Contest of Champions? The Devices are very similar to an event there called Incursions, where you get to choose buffs for your heroes after beating certain enemies.


Sometimes I would like to know what my compadre smokes to have such good ideas:'v

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I like it. A bit more than 25 battles would be good but it’s fine to tweak the numbers. The concept of making your monsters stronger with interesting bonuses as you go should feel satisfying and fun. It’s basically the style of some games out there like The Binding of Isaac and Hades.

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I have not heard of any other games mentioned here :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

You should push this idea up to devs :sweat_smile::laughing: Lets have some different events like these

I just wrote up the idea in my Recommendations for the game thread. Does this do it justice?

2) Battle Tower event (by Professor_Oak)

The tower has 25 floors. Each floor the enemy teams get bigger and their HP get buffed but NOT their attack. Enemies are buffed with 5 “devices”, which are preset each time the event comes out but different each time.

Each floor will give a reward. Major rewards can be 5 rare gems, 20 gems, 2 legendary potions, 1x 6* ticket.

Each time the player beats a floor they get to pick between three devices. They keep all devices chosen for the rest of the event. If the player does not like their three options they can reset the floor and complete it again to get three new options.

The devices give buffs to the monsters in your team when used in this event. They are element, type or monster specific. Here are some examples:

  1. Giving an immunity to all monsters of a particular element/type.
  2. A particular sleep monster (e.g. Shadowhunter) has its sleep move become 100% chance to sleep.
  3. When a plant teammate gets a turn, all teammates get healed.
  4. When a monster gains a turn through another monster or by itself, there is a 40% chance that the remaining seconds of all the allies will be reduced by 50 seconds.

There are plenty of other original ideas in the thread where Professor_Oak wrote about this event: [New Event Idea] [Battle Tower]

The general idea is each time the event comes out the enemies have specific buffs that make them harder to deal with in a certain way and you power up your team with crazy bonuses over the course of the event so you can have some crazy interactions by the end.

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You definitely know your way with ur words ! It’s simplified without altering the meaning. Thanks !

Glad you like it! I grabbed some direct quotes too.

I hope the Devs are able to put the time into making new events like this one and the ones I’ve pitched on the forum before. It’s costly to develop new events but the more the game has, the better.

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