New event idea

Just throwing some ideas around. My new idea for an event combines ideas from time attack, hordes and Occult.

Rewards: Reaching certain Milestones as well as ranking rewards to compare with other players

  1. Unlimited enemies 10:00 minute timer.
  2. Unlimited enemies no timer (Death sentence and sleep are banned)
  3. Hellmode: unlimited enemies but purely revenge monsters. (Payback Killer banned)

I think this would be fun because it would encourage players to get really creative. Devs can buff mons as they see fit. (Maybe monsters progressively get buffed).

Also if it needs to be padded out a bit you could make the first option specific to element types. But it would be a nice - non grind event as it is.

Not sure about the name? Mega Challenge Battle

And a time freeze mode where all monsters are effected by time freeze.

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milestones could be like achievements in this mode like take down 20 super epics or 50 legendaries or even survive x amount of time

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I like the idea a lot but I feel like there might not be enough to differentiate between people to give out the rewards (not ranking, talking about the general event).

I think it would work best if there were “checkpoints” which if you manage to get past then you start from there next time, similar to Dungeon Challenge. You would get a reward for reaching each checkpoint and after the last checkpoint there are a few more rewards for going a long way.

The monsters could be random up to the last checkpoint, but from there onwards they are preset so that it’s fair for the ranking and people can try to build a team to get as far as they can. Also, the Devs can make sure there aren’t useless monsters that people could leave on the field forever (e.g. Botanic or one of those early forms of monsters that spams the same non-damaging move over and over).

As LemonSqueezy said, each time the event comes it could have a special rule or theme. It could also have 3 modes each time it comes out, which cycle around the available options. Ranked would always be on the (1) mode. E.g.

  1. 10:00 timer / DS and sleep banned / other special rule
  2. All enemies a certain element
  3. Hellmode: a very brutal special rule
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Nice ideas all round! I still think no check points. Just survival. Like COD Zombies. Start from 0, who can get the furthest. It’s too similar to other events otherwise. But milestone rewards meaning you get something 10 mons (first time only). Let’s get some new stuff out there!