🏆 Neo Monsters tier list (see first post) 🏆


Because of the guaranteed roaring entrance (not that easy to get that now with many auto pushback mechanics) and a guaranteed void kill on anything that might be problematic. We just got a very nasty passive on Isoldelle (Shi Na as well) so now skills with void sweeping are quite valuable.


Nightingale is better than you think. She a roaring monster that can stop sleep/posion. Guarantee two kills and as u said never dead weight due to her strike attack.


Btw I’ve just made a few more adjustments, which I’ve added to the previous post but I’ll write here…

Jaguardian S → S- in PvP
Gryphking S- → S in PvP
Novemdomina & Prismegasus B → C in PvP
Nightingale & Uraniumedhus C → B in PvP

So far I’ve moved things around in the PvE tier lists but not yet in the others. I’m going to try and do some more of it now


Gryphking Sweep

Yes finally someone said about double nightmare Strike. The one that make this monster strong. Actually in many match this skill save me alot . Player overating euthanasia so much, I am only use euthanasia when I am sure my 3 monster can deal with my opponent monster remaining.

That tier B ,I Will take it. For A tier or higher it feel wrong,since I feel my team build that make this monster great, unlike other high tier monster that basically make my team stronger . (i wish I can give turn her haha)

The gameplay its more like to counter specific set up that only count on 1-2 monster. For player who run something behind AP, or something that really count on attack speed.

Note :
Funny she only have 2 attack skill, and all of them basically high tu move to take down a monster

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I’ve finished doing all the moving stuff around in the tier lists. Feel free to take a look at them to see where everything is


ill assume part 3 comes next week,correct?

I’ll see what I can do. It will likely be a bit longer. I’ve been helping out my fiance with wedding preparations in a lot of my free time

I see,hope things go well

It’s about time I start posting these. They’ll come out every few days, just need to do final editing bits for the last couple

Major updates in 2023 - 1:20
Data analysis of types/stats/speed - 13:18
Earth themes and subthemes - 18:58
Super epics - 20:43
Legendaries - 31:22
Mythics - 47:46
Earth’s highlights and new power - 51:55



I love that yearly videos :pray::pray::pray:


a lot of text, I don’t have time to explain it, just look at the most broken monster of the moment (nyx) tier A, are you saying fiona ≈ nyx? it is funny

Don’t have time to read either it seems :stuck_out_tongue: Nyx is not A tier in anything except HP boost. It is S tier in both lists, Fiona is lower in both lists.


He is funny. What a joke…

Garden fairies - 0:42
Virus dragons - 14:03
Fire themes and subthemes - 27:29
New fire monsters - 29:52


Sorry for the dumb question but I’m just curious,what’s your stance of garden fairy Rosa now?



Not Cyclophina,G.F. Rosa.