Neo Monsters Gem grind


AFTER VIEWING EVERYONE’S COMMENTS I DECIDED THAT I WILL FALL IN LINE AND JUST GRIND AND TRY TO ENJOY THE GAME. Thanks fellas, besides it really is a nice game if you look at it, from an rpg fan’s perspective.

I realized that the game is quite pay to win, I’m at the invasion in the offline story mode, with rank 33. I grind for a week and managed to pull some gems together, both 5 rare gems and 40 gems. When I opened the beginner festival thing, all I got were useless epics and a super epic with a sleep skill, but I don’t have a good dream hunting monster to actually help me. That’s a week’s worth of grinding put to waste and not getting what I want. I really needed a legendary to pull me through the dragon’s roar fighting situation because it is hard.

I’m no noob to the game, my last account was rank 66 and they nuked it. Later when I reinstalled it, they removed the online ban, but then they banned me again. IT SUCKS.(I got banned, I think for installing from aptoide. I’m no rich guy,I recently turned 16 with no job)

Yes you can’t conquer the game in a day, some of you might say,but whats the point of playing if you’re at a standstill.

Also, events rarely come.

I hope this game isn’t like Pixonic’s War Robots, where they don’t listen to a thing the players say.

To conclude, I speak on behalf of all the new players not, the guys at rank <100 saying that “it takes patience.”

( Noxar evolved form cant do sh… because it requires your team to have all dark monsters, unless you put at the end but let’s be real, he’s not the god father. I know because I was rank 66, and chro-whats his name, he takes long, reallllllyyyy long to max out and his middle form is a bit good, but against the nasty AI, RNG and AI are like a tandem warhead.

These are the solutions I came up with;(read them carefully.)

  1. Create ways for players to earn gems that will also benefit the zigzag company. You will earn more income than you are already earning, and you can use 1/4 of that income to advertise on social media and other platforms, instead of taking it out of your income from (i want to be friendly) “working” players.

2: Allow more events. Be creative, bring more events with rewards for all the players. When everyone see this, both working and free to play will come rushing in and this will reduce the waiting time for pvp matches. You can even make a better pvp system when this happens with whole new posabilities.

3: A genius will be able to see that if you combine these two methods and alter them or leave them the same, you will see astonishing results. If you read the 2 you see that they can work together like a colony of ants.

I’m all ears(eyes)

That’s nothing
I hatched 2 packs, 7 singles and 3 rare eggs in last 2 days and got nothing

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U can actually grind 150-180 gems per month
Not to forget rank up.

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Hey @CognitivDissonance. Don’t make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better.


Dude there is tons of events to do and lots of gems to win before I finished the storyline tournament I didnt even knew there was a online part to the game and was just using gems from the story.You need to be patient and a bit lucky but its not true to say this game is P2W.rank 33 is very small so of course your collection isnt nice for now.

This game is totally p2w (other ppl may disagree by saying, “oh it’s not impossible to win as a f2p” which is true) but there are plenty of ways to get gems even at the start. There is the offline mode and the online story mode, and there are always events active for you to get gems to. A bit of advice I have for players who don’t have access to tons of gems is to roll only during festivals where the odds for legendaries increases to 6.1%. You will get more legendaries over time that way and there are usually better monsters in the festivals than the special eggs.

wut? how come KD got top 1 UC if its p2w??

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A game is p2w if you can pay loads of money to substitute years of grinding/gain a large advantage against non paying players. All kd getting top 1 in UC means is that it’s possible to beat paying players but this can happen in most p2w games. Killerdog has played the game far longer than most people so he has a collection similar to many p2w players who haven’t played the game for nearly as long.

Stopped reading after this


That’s the beauty of this game, it rewards time and dedication, one can speed up that process by paying for gems. The mythics are at another level, a f2p gets to wake up a mythic one per year (hopefully), to reach Dont, need more than 20 years of Neo haha


Lots of p2w games are really fun when you put in enough work like in neo


True! It influences a lot what each one wants, at first I was attracted to Neo… but it was more for hobby, with the passage of time I liked it more and more, nowadays I prefer it for other games.
Knowing that I have no chance of winning with some p2w, if I see that it is impossible, I give the victory and start another game, it does not really affect me, I know that I will not have a 100% victory rate, why worry? I admit that before it affected me more, it can change that aspect and I enjoy it more. :smiley:


For me p2w is when you need to pay to win,literally.Let’s say a game that is completely competitive where it’s possible to get boosts but paying ppl have tons of them then it is almost impossible for normal ppl to compete against them.This is what p2w means for me and neo is not like that in the sense that if it was Pay to Win then free players would have no chance against paying ones.

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@CognitivDissonance Firstly, pay the tiny amount of money to get the game properly. Being 16 is no excuse unless your parents won’t allow you to link your phone with a bank account. If that’s the case then convince them you will not spend money other than to buy this ~$1 game.

To get far in this game you definitely need gems, which you get with time. Yes “it takes patience” is what I’m saying but that’s just the way it is. There are plenty of events and free gems available to players and, like most freemium games, you develop yourself with time and spending will get you there faster.

You will no doubt get stuck in some bits of content because you don’t have strong enough teams to do it. It’s possible to build specific teams to beat battles if you really know what you’re doing, but not always. Personally I see this as the game being designed well. If you never got stuck as a free player then where would be the drive to spend?? The game needs to encourage its players to spend and it’s best done by passively like with battles that get too hard for newer players.

Stick with the game and keep working on your account. I am certain you will see things differently once you get yourself a few legendaries. Bad luck at the beginning can hold you back, but there are plenty of gems you can pick up that you should get something soon.

Yeah, using my account as an example of F2P only works for some scenarios… like how with time a free player can build a collection that can then compete in battles against top spenders. My collection is far better than almost every other free player because I’ve been around since near the beginning of the game, played lots and been smart with my gems. @DMGBonanoe For UC specifically, I own practically all the best monsters for it. With the addition of Tortogeist I can’t really improve my team any further. The only monsters I’m missing are: Onigeist, Goldtail and Taloknight (shiny), but I don’t NEED any of them. Ankoudragon is maybe worth noting but I don’t think it would improve my team against all the DR we meet.

So you think the game is p2w?

No, you don’t have to pay to win. There are enough free gems that free players can compete, after they’ve taken ~1 year to build their collection. Spending simply gives you a significant advantage in building your collection, and now by owning awakened mythics. That’s why people will often call it “P2W”.

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I think the real game begins when we have a O.K collection and that is the same thing in many games that are long like mmorpg where the real fun starts at high lvl and newbie times suck since the players have to understand how the game works and what they can and should do.

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That is practically impossible. In order for you to rank up you need tickets and tickets are also used to get evolution materials and you can’t rank up without good monsters.

Lets say I’m rank 33, I do pyramid once every day, it takes 3 pyramid quests for me to rank up. Pyramid cost 30 tickets no? Then with the remaining tickets I do story mode. The story mode has like 5 battles before you get the gem at the end and 15 remaining tickets wont cut it. That will take me a long long time to get 150 gems, more than a month and to rank up. UNLESS I SPEND GEMS. Lets factor in the time attack event that came out, since the discussion is also this month. That also requires tickets and good monsters, but wait I can’t do all that at the same time because I need gems to refill my tickets.

TLDontneedtoread, you cant to both at once. If you don’t know what I’m trying to say, try starting a new account.

BESIDES this isn’t no economic class where you have to manage everything and save up for months. Games should be fun and easy. NO ONE LIKES ONE PIECE BECAUSE OF OVER A THOUSAND EPISODES AND COUNTING.

This guy has made many new acc so he knows what hes talking about.