Neo Golden / Dark Days.

I thought it would be fun to make a thread about some of the good old days in Neo and the darker days which are now improved. Please don’t use this thread to talk about how you beat someone in a tourney etc. I mean the game itself.

I’d like to make a throwback to when your phone popped up and said 10% battery remaining and then at that point your PvP match was over :joy::joy:

Also to the Soul Stealer sleep meta. Frostrider of all things was OP as hell :joy:


scorpiogiest when it had 80% speed. probably the only time I got top 50 without feeling like a raging prime ape at the end of the pvp session.

also, I see you, you cheeky lemon. you are trying to take the attention from nerf threads. :slight_smile:


Remember when Arborgias has Sleep All, Twin Death Sentence and Bloodthirst? Those were the dark ages.


I’ve been guilty of a nerf thread in the past. Canni DCS and Bastia (both justified imo :wink:) but the forum needs balance right now :joy:


You all know what my thoughts are on this.

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Dark days :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
Battling the same player that smash my team everytime :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
Matching up againts GT then LDGT in 100 cost rule pvp :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Can anybody tell me how pre-nerf deathgazer looked like? I wasn’t around at that time, and since it is one of my favourite monsters I want to know how OP it was.


Same as now but no 250sec restriction from start of battle. You would very much see it in 5th everytime, most likely coming after a FL with Ziberius, that would Cannibalize into him at 81% speed. Not fun, especially considering Team Turn didn’t even have a 50sec restriction at the time.


The dark days are when every team I’ve used to get top 20 got nerfed right after so I never get time to improve my teams

I enjoyed assisted and night night fls back in the day

AoE spam is still a very viable strat!

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I remember when the game was so much more simple. Before Stun converters and Stun counters the only way to protect yourself from stun was with stun absorbing protectors. The 5* protectors were a must. Shadowyrm and Kami were both in FLs with Cybereon lurking soon after.

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Creating my own personal strategy for the first time and seeing it work was probably the greatest time with the game for me, and the reason why, to this day, Antistan is my favorite monster!

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Hahaha let’s seeeee… back in my day,

  • eggs were 5 gems each
  • the youth fruit cap was 10
  • the monster menu had a whopping 3 team slots
  • the maximum cost limit you could reach was 173(definitely balanced for the time tho)
  • hatching an egg involved this wheel spinning animation akin to The Price is Right, quite visually appealing but wayyyyy more time consuming
  • biweekly wasn’t a thing
  • ticket shop wasn’t a thing
  • achievements weren’t a thing
  • icons weren’t a thing, a little crown cosmetic was the reward for reaching top 50 in certain events
  • rare gems weren’t a thing
  • 10 packs weren’t a thing
  • potions weren’t a thing
  • secret skills weren’t a thing
  • mythics weren’t a thing
  • the monster dojo, story events and side quests weren’t a thing
  • elemental dungeon wasn’t a thing
  • gem deals weren’t a thing
  • auto training wasn’t a thing
  • double/triple speed battle wasn’t a thing
  • the monster filter wasn’t a thing
  • chrono, nox and leoronix weren’t a thing, along with all SEs attainable from the islands
  • SE starters weren’t a thing(still remember the hype that brought)
  • pvp was open 4-5 days at a time every few weeks, extremely unstable and no rewards
  • was 10 minutes per ticket rather than 6
  • keys took 24 hours to refill
  • SCB came like once a month, and no double tiers
  • Super power up event’s fruit and silver missions were not repeatable
  • festivals were about a biweekly thing, featuring a single legendary with no boosted odds
  • increased chance of getting a specific legendary and increased chance of getting a legendary at all were mutually exclusive
  • the “claim all” button wasn’t a thing; you were required to claim the stuff in front before accessing the rest(May I reiterate, youth fruit cap of 10)
  • the login bonus gave 1 gem per week(or was it 2 weeks?), and the cumulative one wasn’t a thing
  • the friend chest gave fruit and literally nothing else, and the free 5 per day wasn’t a thing
  • restore codes were useable once per year
  • bronzeshells had no passives and 130 TU life flip. And the ai didn’t understand how to get rid of them.
  • there did not exist a single form of stun protection that wasn’t tied in with a protect skill. No converter and counter
  • Give turn had no use limit; easy way to stall forever
  • Team Turn had no TU restriction, you could have more than one at a time, and you could GT to a TT. Devs really didn’t think this one through lol
  • Geomagnus, Deodragon, Valzareign, Soulstealer and Dolphoenix were complete and utter trash at their respective debuts. And cryo/sanc and nebel/cosmo were even more trash if you can believe it
  • speaking of which, clones had their speed halved from that of the original for some reason
  • stealth, shields, Overwatch and HG were not visible, you had to rely on your memory(imagine dealing with THAT in this day and age)
  • there was no restriction for how much you could skip in pvp

That’s about all I can think of for now. This was a veeeery different game back then hahaha


My Golden Days were when I hatched Void for the first time, and when I managed to awaken her. As for the Dark Days, I’d say that these goddesses would qualify as harbingers of the Dark Days.


Trash? I seem to remember it using instant charge at 99 speed and decimating front lines. It had to have a restriction put in :sweat_smile:

Lol forgot about that! Tough times.

I liked that little crown.

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Secret skills weren’t around yet when he showed up lol

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Ah I see. That’s why 173 cost was balanced too I remember

Didn’t the login bonus not exist back then? I think I remember it being implemented after release

Yea. I remember going into absolute conniptions when they raised the limit to 206, cuz that would allow people to stuff their entire team with legends… but yeah now that SSs and mythics are commonplace, that’s brought about a very different perspective

Hmm well the game existed for 2 months before I jumped on, maybe that’s the case. But I always remember it being around