I just got slaughtered by one of the coolest teams I've come across. Care to share some of your PvP stories? (Part 1)

RNA Kei’s, team.

He had Delugazer supported by auto protectors and turn givers. I knew it was game over the moment I saw the Frontline but just stuck around for entertainment and to learn from the other player. He had most of his team still standing by the end lol.

What is the strongest team you’ve come up against? What teams do you dread?
Yes, I’m sure some of you will say “no team” but in that case can you at least share what kind of teams you find challenging? (Edit: I’m enjoying reading your PvP victories as well. So please continue sharing. I edited the Title to reflect this.)


Poison FL. Or any FL that’s faster than mine. It destroys me


Destroys me too.

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It was beasty. Very harmonious and each monster had a role that worked well with all the other monsters. Very well oiled machine.


I don’t think I’ve fought him yet, but I know that he’ll run circles around my team without breaking a sweat.

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It gets shut down by regalion though but I like it the other teams or legends that always put me in bad spots are abyss nerida I’ve had to make a lead to just counter it otherwise I get steam rolled and malwing or sobe they seem to always sleep my tygo or the monster next in line have had matches fully swing to loses due to it


If there’s one thing I can give this PvP season credit for, it’s that it made me appreciate my Tagosenshi even more. I’ve made several comebacks because of it.


Funny enough the meta never changes hahaha just new stuff that does it better stun/posion

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Devs tried making new mechanics, like mortar and stealth. Problem is, stun/sleep make a heck of a control, and poison is much faster sweeping, so new mechanics still not shining. The shielded mortar however was an awesome buff to that mechanic and made it much more useable. Stealth ia still meh tho.

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Shield applied with each load mortar was a great call. They work pretty well now, but are all limited monsters so quite rare to see. I feel like they should have a bit more synergy together to really shine, like with poison and stealth teams.

Link stealth all was a great addition to stealth but 50TU was deemed too OP so it got nerfed to 70TU. Jaguar is an interesting addition to stealth as a strategy. Stealth probably works really well if you have the right monsters but it definitely gets countered hard by poison and it’s tricky to get up and running in some cases. I think Voodoom is probably a crucial piece now with its 100TU purifying mist, protect teammates and the right element for some sneak attack monsters.

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It’s just a lot easier to use stun or poison as well as the points you brought up

Problem is not the strategies necessarily not being effective, it’s about them not being available.

Everyone’s gonna run TT bane terrordragon APs oakthulhu etc. . . Because those aren’t limited. You’re never going to see a full mortar lineup because all those monsters are limited.

People going to run stun because 3 shocking entrances in the regular egg pool.

If we actually wanted a balanced meta then we would need a set of monsters in the egg that all answer each other in different ways, and then the limiteds can disrupt that. I bet only like 10 people could run stealth strategies, and maybe 3 could run mortar strats total right now.


True thats the main problem

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I feel like after a while legends should be added into regular egg pool

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Or just kill BB. His first 10 are 1 sweeper and 9 support, so without them you can freely setup without the risk of being sweeped

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Yeah or that

You’re talking about the Team I mentioned in the OP right? Was damn hard to get to BB with all those auto protectors. Any tips? Obviously it’s gonna be monster dependent. Monsters I probably don’t have.

You going to need something faster then it that does double damage

there are many options, icefang, robin, bypassing auto protector with some single hit moves, etc…

Yeah don’t have those guys.