PvP stories July 23

Seeing as there’s no topic yet - figured I’d make one.

And to start out Jesus alucard that combo is just nasty please stop it haha

Wish I could participate… But no opponents to match with have been found yet -.-*

I have found it difficult to find a match.

Haven’t found anyone yet, and now I’m on holiday so I won’t be able to -_-

Note to self finish PvP at 300 points or lower next time

Lol sorry Hidan, now I really have to run aegis blade or frost rider would get me. Got my motordragon today too so my team got a little nastier! Also I no longer care about keeping it a secret or anything so here is what I’m running. Anyone else care to share?

Nice team. What does that 1 cost monster do? (I don’t use any no stars mons so i wouldn’t know)

I think i’ll keep my best pvp team a secret for the real thing…i like to be full of surprises :stuck_out_tongue:

Give turn and switch places. He is the lowest cost give turn in the game I believe. The other option was pengster. The middle form of him is 2 cost (final is 4) he has give turn and protect teammate and twice the defense. I think switch places is more important though

How fast is haniwel ? My frontline got ruined by a nightrider, haniwel and draconought combo.

Its got a base stat speed of 94%

Well that was fucking good hidan. Said reconnecting for 1 second and I got a defeat.

I have been on ‘waiting for match’ for a good 4 hours now… I’ve restarted the app a couple of times, retried, layed the phone next to me while I studied and… nothing. What the fuck

My internet is perfect btw

Haha yea Saul well if you want to know - your team got hit by sleep all and 3/4 fell asleep so I guess it was not so bad lol

Ah ok. Didn’t even see that on my screen I just got dced straight away

Played mophiese but D/C halfway through.
Noticing this PvP seems to be very anti meta at the top, everyone playing counters to the main teams pretty much. Been interesting to say the least

Played you about half an hour ago… I was the one with Leogeist shadowyrm opener… Was a close game GG :slight_smile:
I have noticed it too… Mostly disrupting teams or one on one teams… Pretty interesting

Played someone with shadowwyrm and galvbane in the front going into holy near the end… I think gave me nearly 40 points ^^ 863 rank 3 now

Your team is dirty, still see puffoxin hiding there though :speak_no_evil:

Yeah I’m still using them XD
I’m testing a haniwel zapcat opening into autopoisoners ATM and I’m using them as cheap poisoners to trigger abyssraider
If I’m honest my original team doesn’t really work anymore, everyone plays around it and it gets steamrollered too easily once it loses ground

Unable to find opponent guess I’ll call it a night heh.

Fought someone that literally got to do nothing all game pretty much. It was so unmemorable that I don’t even know the monster lineup lol

A lot of assisted thunder and frostrider teams…pfft lightweight…

A lot of standard teams. I would like to see unusual teams with well placed utility low star monsters. Alucard brought to my attention some very valuable monsters with low cost, so it would be interesting to use them and play against them.