mythical buff thread (long thread where long and detailed boring comments are appreciated)

well many will be surprised to see that someone with f2p in their name does this thread but I think it is fair that some mythical that are not used are brought to the game competitively, I thought these are (feel free to graduate some) (have Note that some have a good set of movements but are not used and that is what we want to improve) (note that I am not a user of these monsters and I can be wrong so do not hesitate to give suggestions and the developer will decide which one is better) (note that here we are referring to the awakened forms of these)

my proposals: (note since the thread is not based on my proposals but on everyone making their proposals)

-onyxia: beautiful design, but it is the type of monsters that people do not spend their gems in awakening, it needs a special strategy, where it is best seen in OoO
-I propose that as it is a poisonous design they give you a poison explanation form to see it more often in pvp:
swap his ss for double poison devourer and swap bloody rage for bloodlust and (or) give him a simple devourer instead of haste item, this makes it usable on OoO or poison lineup

-excalibur: it is the only attack growing mythical and however polaboss is better and more used for its difficulty to die it is difficult to see excalibur in pvp I propose:

  • 1000 hp increase when using grow dance or stat boost speed to 85 and health increased by 500

-auraleus my favorite in terms of design, it is not common to see it awake I think it is not worth its ss since an ally can load it
-put ss 80 second ally recharge

-Plumesilisk the first form should not have mockery as that makes smart players not evolve it, the form hardly ever awakens it huh Seen in pvp

  • I propose to change the ss for double rejection this aria that adapts to repulsion strategies

-Lime i really dont like it at all i dont even know what to do please help me with this

-tirfina for me it does not have a bad set but it is hardly used I think it can be improved by changing fog for a single

-noicyon: nice dark design, but not a good outfit, changing the links to raw and giving him bloodlust would be nice

-persepia: many have it awake and do not even use it
-change attack of the element that does not hit the set of rocks which are plant and give it a bloodbath


Tyrfina needs to be buffed; I believe that his aggressive abilities demand a lot of requirements to be used; His punishment is the only thing that really kills; and ask for 2 enemy kills; and then his blood ability q activates with 2 kills; basically the enemy has to kill you 4 monsters with 2 monsters to be able to do something; it is almost impossible to enter the field to kill an enemy who has killed 2 and then killed another; to later use his blood hab; all this would be awake; in its 2nd form It is quite difficult to enter the field and do something; then there is its purifying mist; It is rare that a mythical one that should be Dps has a super ability that also does not serve her much; I don’t have it but I think it could have a little more potential


The difference with Awaken form is mocky+
I think the Buff to awaken form is fine But the nerf to a ultra evolve no because make him useless


The others i think seems good

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I like it; They are mythical that are not used much In pvp; In the current pvp only the typical mythical Cintiha are used; Suikenshi; Gremoris; Lemon; Aethereon; etc And I would like that to change; find in mythical pvp that are not the usual; but for that ; some need to be buffed


I agree with this @Dev_VKC It would give a new twist to the game and the Mythicos that have never been used will be able to be used


@Dev_VKC dev if you don’t mind taking a moment to read the thread I think these buffs are necessary to bring diversity

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Persephia with bloodbath seems really good…her scythe needs to have some uses


Onyxia has such an awkward skill design.
Without Stun Counter it would be “G” Tier

Excaliburdragon is awkward as well with Polaboss around

Plumeselisk is a sleeper though and doesn’t need buffs

the point is that they are not used, so they can be carefully improved

I think its a “Nerf” he is asking for in the first form especially.
Maybe we should call this thread more like mythic balance. Also I think there are far better candidates like Luciffele ,Kunomi, Deviladus, Medbie which need much needed buff.

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not only was it a piece of information, I don’t want to talk about nerf in this thread, please don’t take it into account I think the first thing was rather a design error or I hope so

If you did not read it at the beginning in the thread it says that this is about people making their proposals, I only put mine, so go ahead and you are free to give your proposals

I just mentioned Couple of names its Just that some of those mons wouldn’t Come to someone’s mind when talking about a Buff over-all I think even your list has some good candidates like Persiphia its just that Some of them can be “used” in some situations(Onyxia, Excalibur, Auraleus) , But the Mythics which cannot be used should be given a preference.

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luci received a recent buff, kunomi is balanced (remember we talk in waking ways) deviladus what would you like to do? medbie if it is very necessary, I do not understand how I overlooked it, if you do not mind, could you share the possible improvements in your opinion, it would be helpful for the dev to take it into account

I agree; there certain mythical ones that need certain improvements; perhaps exchanging Tyrfina’s purifying mist for just Slander or whatever would be a good option; As well as changing the requirement from 2 kills to 3 of his blood shredding skill, there would be some balance if they put Slander instead of purifying mist.

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It would be very minor actually in case of both Kunomi and Medbie, They can substitute the Allies with their Decoy moves.
I think Luciffele Need something more to make her Versatile, Filicide isn’t exactly any good even as 7 star. Maybe we could change it to some other move like repulse or something.


Change Filicide for Repulsion Are you crazy?
If what you need is Ability to kill what am I going to do with repulse?

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I just realized now…
I wrote it from memory guess i remembered the wrong word.