Monsters that need buffs (input needed)

Can I join DMG I am thinking about joining a clan

Yes. @LTSurge

Are you asking for my permission @LTSurge ? :sweat_smile:

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Mojimojiha Z - 100 TU
Link Slayerbane all - 100 TU
Throwmageddon - 200 TU :pensive:

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200sec RAW/SOLO Deathstroke :pensive::pensive:


Avalanche which piercing kills all of your mons too can only be used after three snows and its a 170 tu and a +3 cost :pensive::pensive:


Hope they fix it soon

Slayerbane all - 200TU
Mojimojiha Z you had your own hand in… so blame yourself for that one :wink:

Last resort 160 TU and needs to be the only one alive :sneezing_face:

Link sneak atack all 160 TU :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Reread the Flaunt petition and you will see no mention of this :wink:


Tbf, that’s far easier to pull off than Throwmageddon or Link Sneak Attack All.

Faststrike 160TU 130TU


I still can’t believe after all this time that Chronozeros has not gotten a buff. Kind of makes me sad because, as it stands, he’s unfortunately quite worthless.


It does indeed need one, hence since free legendary supposed to bolster player capability to help finish some online event instead of relly on premium one on shop hatch. (Neglected free one)

stun immune → stun converter

Deatmatch mode (need to tweak / change description)
The skill itself didnt affect enemy with camouflage instead written “all enemies and teammates except user”
I would like to see instant overwatch / inspire instead of instant shield ally on bovulcus

Yea that’s normal, Stealth/Camouflage makes you immune to the next/to all multi-target enemy skills.
Even skills like Electrocute, Purify (All), One-on-One and Poison Typhoon (who are supposed to target all allies and enemies) can’t ignore enemy Stealth/Camouflage.

The only exceptions (because Mythics) are Time Warp and Duel.

Wait that wouldn’t be much useful if you set your allies’ HP to 1! Instant Shield Ally, for just +1 extra cost, is a pretty good move

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Chronotitan says hi.

Chronotitan’s bomb explodes from the one it curses, which is why it hits teammates through stealth

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