Monsters that need buffs (input needed)

Perhaps, although I still think chodeknight needs a buff. It should have aegis barrier like nightingale instead of shield ally


I think they’re just trying to make him play with things in his element.

Wait he can still shield things that aren’t lightning right?

Yeah, he has shield ally 136tu for 5 uses while nightingale has aegis barrier 136tu for 5 uses. @Dev_VKC think this is a good idea? it is a knight after all so it would make sense to have it be able to protect its allies in some way

Edit: my birthday happens a week from today so maybe you can buff chodeknight as a birthday present :duck:

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What day?

A week is 7 days. Therefore, add 7 days to today since Duck lives in the U.S. where it is still June 30th. His/her birthday would be on July 7th. This is basic math lmao.

That’s why I asked. Didn’t know he was from the U.S

How old would you be

Don’t be surprised if they come out with a duck wafiu


Oh whoops I forgot how to count it’s on July 5th LOL

How old are you?

Turning 18

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Felicidades, Bella edad

Yeah sure🙄

Not sure if anybody has used Viridwyvern (the half plant half dragon guy) but the damage on his union attack is abysmal, maybe to the point of being bugged? I don’t think it should one-shot mythics, but it’s not killing SE’s that have half decent defense. Is something wrong with the multiplier @Dev_VKC ?

If not, giving it a smidge more attack would be amazing for it!

How much damage does it deal compared to Wavetail, who’s got lower attack?

Union attack to sanctistag:

Wavetail: 2959
Virid: 3046

Viri has 300 more attack than wavetail, that doesn’t seem right. Admittedly, I’m don’t and never will understand the math that goes into calculating damage in this game so maybe this is explainable, but either way viri only pokes things with it’s only viable damage move. Seems kinda wack but what do I know lol

@Dev_VKC give Arachnodrake 30TU SS :eyes:

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What’s faster: light, or @Tanbeer asking for a buff to the monster he just got?


Hey,Aoi was released without care about her skills right?
The new myth (all) have a piercing attack or blood move,Aoi don’t
His skills are weird
Raw-Solo Knockback
And then her attack skill need a water mons and her SS bring you a protector mons too
Obviously i’m talking about awakened,cause,tbh his awakened form is kinda basic,her “unique skill” is Flaming Blaze but with another elem hahaha
Also if the enemy don’t have fire her unique workable attack is High Tide and also cost 110 segs,have killer weakness,etc
I dont mean you did a bad job,just take a look on her
Have a nice day

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any chance Doomengine could get a damage buff to its bomb moves?
Been using it in UC and its bombs do less damage than a morphean bomb which is wierd considering they are pretty much the same idea - sacrifice a clone to deal damage.
it wouldn’t really affect anything except vs buffed monsters.