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self-sacrifice ability

Second Chance (Self-Sacrifice)-The target ally monster of this skill will refill its life bar when its HP drops to 1. ```This skill can only be used 150 seconds after it has been cast.


Skill 1: From The Brink

Skill 2: Overconfident Mark

( unlimited mark but can only be used if this monster’s HP is exactly 100% of its maximum. it cannot be redirected )

Skill 3: Cornered Desperate

( cornered snipe + desperate bite, it cannot be redirected but can be only used if both conditions are met )

Skill 4: Overconfident Strike

SS: Desperate Shield

Passive: Mark Protection

Passive: Hold Ground


Skill 1: Mark Repent

( unlimited repet as long as the teammate is marked )

Skill 2: Cornered Snipe

Skill 3: Random Marker

( randomly marks a monster. it can affect an ally or enemy )

Skill 3: Double Bloodserve

SS: Instant Mark Self

Passive: Mark Protection

Passive: Symbolic Souls

( every time a monster dies on the battlefield, a random monster is marked )


Skill 1: Void Antidote

Skill 2: Void Thunderseal

Skill 3: Void Dream Ender

Skill 4: Avenge Stealth All

SS: Swift Sneak Shot

Passive: Mark Protection

Passive: Hyper Insomnia

( if this monster is attempted to be slept by an enemy, its will purify its own team )


Skill 1: Void True Hit

Skill 2: Void Sneak Attack

Skill 3: Forgive and Mark

( cannot be redirected)

Skill 4: Wrathful Crusher

( similar to a piercing bloodlust but can only be used once this monster have already 2 kills. it cannot be redirected )

SS: Cornered Shot

( cornered snipe but cannot be redirected. it can only target enemies marked by this monster )

Passive: Mark Protection

Passive: Second Blood

( once this monster have obtained at least 1 kill, this monster will also gain the kill count(s) of every enemy in the battlefield )


Skill 1: Mutual Mark

Skill 2: Mutual Cornered Stun

( can only affect a marked enemy. it will stun both this monster and that enemy )

Skill 3: Mutual Cornered Sleep

Skill 4: Mutual Cornered Poison

SS: Vigor Cornered Sentence

( inflicts a death sentence )

Passive: Mark Revenge

( randomly marks an enemy )

Passive: Eternal Marker

( this monster have regenerate but if killed while having mark status on itself, it will revive at 100% of its max HP instead )



Skill 1: Mutual Invoke

( this monster must have at least 1 kill to use this. it will give 1 kill count to an enemy and to this monster )

Skill 2: Vengeful Bash

( same from domhoof )

Skill 3: Nullifying Strike

Skill 4: Void Bloodserve

SS: Attack Boost+

Passive: Sleep Immunity

Passive: Stun Immunity


Skill 1: Power Slash

Skill 2: Mutual Tickle

( increases the enemy’s and this user’s seconds. this is not a stun skill )

Skill 3: Mutual Sleep

Skill 4: Mutual Poison

SS: Unwanted Mutualism

( transforms the user and the targeted enemy into a bronzeshell. it can only be used after a certain time have already passed in battle )

Passive: Solid Nightmare

( this monster’s defense is boosted while on sleep )

Passive: Vile Carapace

( this monster’s defense is boosted while poisoned )


Skill 1: Mutual Despair

( despairing strike to an enemy and to this monster )

Skill 2: Mutual Stun Guard

Skill 3:Mutual Sleep Guard

Skill 4: Mutual Poison Guard

SS: Instant Despairing Wave

Passive: Rivaled Immunities

( if there’s an enemy with stun, poison or sleep immunity - this monster will gain focus, nullifier or scotopia )

Passive: Healing Despair

( this monster will heal itself by the lost HP of every enemies from any despairing skill )


Skill 1: Mutual Load Mortar

( it also applies shield to an enemy and to this monster )

Skill 2: Mutual Energy Charge

Skill 3: Focus Laser Beam

Skill 4: Tracking Piercing Mortar

SS: Stored Shieldbreaker

( can only be used if this monster have a mortar loaded or energy charged )

Passive: Poison Immunity

Passive: Stun Immunity


Skill 1: Full Force

( this monster will give all its best to try and kill the chosen enemy. it will recoil some health. it’s a more powerful zealous attack )

Skill 2: Mutual Enrage

( will add DEF to ATT. it affects an enemy and this monster )

Skill 3: Desperate Bite

Skill 4: Chakra Control

( this monster equates its attack and defense stat )

SS: Second Wind

Passive: Defensive Mode

Passive: Hold Ground


Skill 1: Healing Light

Skill 2: Mutual Forgive

( forgives an enemy with a kill, it will also affect this monster )

Skill 3: Confident Bite

( healing confident strike )

Skill 4: Supreme Selection

( natural selection but only affects mythic enemies )

SS: Overconfidence

( same as overconfident strike but if this monster have 100% of its max HP, it will instantly kill the chosen enemy and cannot be redirected )

Passive: Hard Carapace

Passive: Perfect Stance


Skill 1: Mutual Devour

( devours, it will also full heal an enemy )

Skill 2: Mutual Pure Cure

( affects the enemy too )

Skill 3: RAW Fatal Chant

Skill 4: RAW Purging Rage

SS: LINK Step Back

Passive: Triple Entrance

Passive: Hold Ground


Skill 1: Mutual Loot

( kills both the last monster on both reinforcements. it can only be used each time a teammate dies )

Skill 2: Purifying Devour

Skill 3: RAW Megabomb

Skill 4: Unlimited Summon

SS: RAW Novablast

Passive: Hard Carapace

Passive: Perfect Stance


Skill 1: Mutual Shield

Skill 2: Mutual Stealth

Skill 3: RAW Stealthbreak

Skill 4: RAW Shieldbreaker

SS: Forge Mutualism

( applies a supreme shield and supreme stealth to the chosen enemy and to the user )

Passive: Thundering Rebirth

Passive: Poison Immunity

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very great gold phantom :purple_heart: here’s an alternative in addition to his suggestion.

Skill 1: Scepter Spirit
( deals big damage to an enemy if there’s at least one enemy with a kill. it ignores boosts, hold ground and shield. it cannot be used against an enemy with a kill )

Skill 2: Dark Chance [3]
( applies a curse to an enemy, if they have/will have at least 1 kill, they will gain a death sentence of 100s to redeem themselves or else they will die. each enemy can only be targeted once )

Skill 3: Mirroring Skulls [3]
( it affects a teammate. if its mirroring enemy on the battlefield have a kill, the targeted teammate will also “consider” all the kill count for itself. the teammate will not have the kill count, it just uses it while that specific enemy is on the battlefield )

Skill 4: Divine Demolition
( deals critical damage to an enemy that can revive other monsters, it ignores hold ground, shield and redirection )

SS: Vengeful Rebirth [1]
( rebirths this monster, can only be used if a teammate dies, and if the killer is an enemy )

Passive: Cold Conscience
( this monster will never count any kill for itself )

Passive: Soul To Underworld
( monsters - ally or enemy, that is killed by this monster can never be revived again )

or its SS will summon a fairy/ghost of Persephone with only 1 from its 2 random versions, this is a 5 star monster.
• Persephone (blossom)
pardon entrance, healing rain entrance
purify, pure cure, purifying mist
• Persephone (drought)
gravity field, death whisper all entrance
slayerbane, retribution, cannibalize

Skill 1: Lone Attack
( deals critical damage if this monster is the only one on its team with its element, star and type )

Skill 2: Pony Punish
( increases the enemy’s seconds by 200s and also increases their default seconds by 200% if they killed any of the legendary horse or mythical horse. this is not a stun skill and can only target a chosen enemy for each horse that they killed )

Skill 3: Cloud Healing
( LINK ELEM pure cure + purifying mist )

Skill 4: Galloping Return
( immediately kills a teammate horse to summon the last horse that died. each horse can only be revived once by this skill, it can only be used every time a horse died )

SS: Equestrian Skies
( purifies, fully heals then applies stealth and shield to all horse on the battlefield. it can only be used if none of its teammates have the same element & are all horses )

Passive: Haven of Horns
( defense boost with at least 2 horses, if none, the user have insomnia instead )

Passive: Pot Of Gold
( this monster have nullifier if allied by 3 holy monsters, but if allied by any horse, it will not count a kill for itself instead )

Horses are Glacieron(?) Infernicorn, Domhoof, Hadeshoof(?), Sacrificial
Gallop Earth Horse, Prismegasus

Not a sleep suggestion, but a momo-like, stealth-focused monster. SOLO monster as well.

Skill 1: Sneak Attack

Skill 2: Stealth Wrath

  • resets an enemy kill to 0 and stealths the user. can only target an enemy with a kill.

Skill 3: Stealth Wicked

  • resets a teammate kill to 0 and stealths the user. can only target an ally with a kill.

Skill 4: Soul Alchemy

  • devours an end teammate to fully heal the user and stealths it.

SS: Demonic Plague

  • summon the other form of the user but will return to this form after 666s have already passed, unless this monster is already killed while on its other form.

Passive: Poison Immunity

Passive: Hell’s Nightmare
( this monster’s HP can never be lowered than 6%, but will gain a death sentence of 666s once in this state, unless healed )

Its Other Form, Very Same Design…

Skill 1: Stealth Steal

Skill 2: Sneak Serve
( sneak attack + bloodserve )

Skill 3: Shinobi Attack

Skill 4: Sacrificial Stealth
( kills a teammate to stealth this monster )

SS: Supreme Stealth
( applies stealth to this monster that takes 2 direct attack to be removed )

Passive: Poison Immunity

Passive: Blood Shade
( this monster gains a stealth whenever a monster dies on the battlefield)

Skill 1: Blood Lord
( deals critical damage if the targeted enemy have a kill, this monster will then absorb the kill. it heals by the current HP of the killed enemy. it deals more for each kill this monster will possess )

Skill 2: Berserk Bats
( better version of berserk smash from magmarinus but exerts a lot of effort to fully kill an enemy )

Skill 3: Unmasked Horror
( sacrifices this monster to summon 12 random blood bats on its reinforcement )
blood bat : berserk bats, despairing strike, slayerbane, retribution - their power rises for each teammate bat in the battlefield, if 4 blood bat will coexist in the arena, they will merge to summon the vampire next in line of its own reinforcement )

Skill 4: RAW Headhunter

SS: Vampiric Awakening

  • rebirths the user with 100% more DEF if this monster have the slowest speed on its team. 100% ATT instead if its the fastest.

Passive: Excessive Force

Passive: Vermilion Coffin
( nullifies an enemy as long as this monster is the only fire on its team )

Skill 1: Nature’s Cry
( power slash, deals more for every earth monster on the battlefield, a LINK skill )

Skill 2: Forest Glow
( same as short stun, but not a stun skill )

Skill 3: Dream Gleam
( eliminate all sleep status from any monster on the battlefield. it also heals itself by the total HP of the monsters that is woken up, the those monsters will not lose any HP )

Skill 4: Forest Evergreen
( LINK ELEM misty pure cure. will affect every earth monster on the battlefield, ally and enemy. it heals more for every earth monster that is alive on the battlefield )

SS: Centennial Roots
( defense +300% + gravity field, but can only be used if this monster is the slowest on its team. the defense is only activated as long as there is a living earth monster on the battlefield )

Passive: Maximum Magnitude
( same as auto novablast, for 500s but will not count a kill for the burst )

Passive: Tectonic Explosion
( same as auto megabomb, for 1,000s but will ignore any enemy revenge effect )


receiving a certified @Esperanza moveset is the highest badge of honour for a monster design creator


lol :sweat_smile: nervous laugh

Holy, Shiny, Robotic
Skill 1: Void Slash All
Skill 2: LINK Motor Exit [3]
Skill 3: Enrage Teammate
Skill 4: ELEM Accelerate
Passive: Charge Entrance
Passive: Repulse Entrance

Shadow, Shiny, Phantom

Skill 1 : Acrid Smoke (deals piercing critical damage to an enemy with a skill that can change location of other monsters or itself like repulse, pullback, sendback, exit plan.
regular damage with no specified target)

Skill 2: Polluting Blast (charged poison storm, using this skill without charge will cause no effect, time restricted)

Skill 3: Hypnotic Burst (charged potent sleep, using this skill without charge will cause no effect, time restriced)

Skill 4: Energy Charge+

Passive: Hold Ground
Passive: Poison Immunity



Curse of Power : this monster will temporarily possess any defense boost of all enemies within the battlefield but cannot receive any stealth or shield.

Curse of Force : this monster will temporarily possess any attack boost of all enemies within the battlefield but each time an enemy dies, this monster will receive all the revenge effect.

Astral Eye : allows this monster to use any of its skill even while on sleep status. it will not remove the sleep status and this is not considered as sleep immunity.

Bounce : if this monster is touched by an enemy and still not killed, this monster will automatically repulse that attacking enemy, unless that enemy is unmovable or a gravity field is present.

Juggle : every time this monster enters the batttlefield, one random monster in both reinforcement is randomly dislocated to other position.

Vital Thievery : within this monster’s presence, every healing in the arena is all transferred to this monster instead.

Battle Ego : if there’s a mythic enemy in the battlefield, this superepic will ignore recoil damage from its own attacks.

Twin Shadow : if this monster currently possess a stealth, its single attack can temporarily target two enemies.

Lock-On : within this monster’s presence, no redirection is allowed within the field.

Curse Blessing : when this monster enters the battlefield, one random monster in both reinforcements are switched with one another.

Vapor Body : if this monster is touched by an enemy and remain unkilled, that enemy will gain a stealth.

Boulder Trap : if this monster is touched by an enemy and remain unkilled, that enemy will be trapped inside a shield for 150s. this is not a stun skill.

Mummification : if this monster is touched by an enemy and remain unkilled, that enemy will have their skill seconds temporarily increased by 100% for 500s. attacking this monster again without killing it will extend the duration by 500s more.

Tattooed Heart : if this monster is touched by an enemy and remain unkilled, that enemy will be marked twice.

Fragile Force : this monster is always enraged but will have its current health fully healed to its maximum every time it is not fully killed. This will not activate with 0 reinforcement.

Colossal Blood : this superepic is immune to any damage and effect from mythics.

Guarantor : this cloning monster will receive any damage and effect from random skills like death roulette, death revenge, death entrance, sleep roulette, mark entrance, lullaby entrance, etc.

Fisticuffs : within this monster’s presence, any stat boost are temporarily nullified.

Chernobyl : intense version of poison skin, the attacking enemy will instead acquire a radioactive fallout.

Ecosystem : if this monster’s team is all of earth element, everytime a monster dies, a rockoid is summoned at the end of their reinforcement.

Buoyancy : this monster is immune to any effect from non-water enemies, if all of its current teammate on the battlefield is of water element. this is not an immunity to damage.

Familiar Rage : this monster will ignore hold ground, shield, boosts, revenge and redirection of enemies it already faced for the second time within the battle.

Dry Ice : if this monster is touched by a non-water enemy and remain unkilled, that enemy will immediately lose 30% of their maximum HP.

Record Tracking : within this monster’s presence, all monsters are only allowed to have 1 kill count.

Intangible : this monster is immune to instant kill damage from any monster, teammate or enemy. this includes death roulette, cannibalize, heart burst, early trigger, cornered exterminate, etc.

Dark Star : this monster is immune to any damage from female humanoid mythics.

Last Samurai : if this monster is alone - it will possess excessive force, nullifier, anti revival and focus.

Last Possession : if this monster is killed and the enemy is still alive, the very next skill that is going to be used by each enemies shall be used against other random enemy instead.



Diaboilic : after 300s have passed on the battle, this monster will gain a 100% DEF boost. after 500s, it will gain a 100% ATT boost.

Prickle : an enemy tag by this skill will receive 1 damage against itself every turn/skip of every monster.

Acid Rain : simuronix Healing Rain that poisons everyone too. Time restricted.

Low Tide : deals high damage to an enemy if there’s another rock teammate on the battlefield and only 1 water enemy. it deals more for every rock teammate.

Venom Trail : Tags a monster on the battlefield, enemy or ally, if any monster will leave the battlefield, anyone with this tag is automatically poisoned.

Crystallize : transform a rockoid into a diamonoid.

Hijack : this skill will allow this monster to possess the very same skill that is recently used by an enemy.

Acrobatics : if there’s an enemy that can switch location of other monster or itself, this skill pullback a teammate, unlimited.

Gold Rush : deals a non-redirectable piercing damage as long as a goldoid is alive in the battlefield.

Mental Block : same as discipline by Onika but can only target humanoids. it cannot be redirected.

Ambush : deals critical damage to an enemy that is already touched by this monster’s teammate.

Mockery : immobilizes an enemy for 100s if they are unable to kill but touched, one of this monster’s teammate. this is not a stun skill.

Bait : deals a piercing critical damage to an aquatic enemy. critical damage to a humanoid.

Hibernate : this monster will increase its own time by 300s, but will be purified, fully healed then gain shield and stealth. this is not a stun skill.

Antibody : protects a teammate from health ticks like poison, fallout or decay.

Constrict : immobilizes an enemy for 100s. this is not a stun skill and each enemy can only be targeted once. it can only be used with a serpent teammate.

Ice Rink : purifies everyone then applies stealth and shield. it can only be used if each team in the battlefield have a water monster.

Mirage : if there’s at least 1 enemy with a protect or taunt skill, this cloning monster will absorb all damage and effect from enemies. this is not a protect skill. it cannot be used with a protect/taunt teammate unless of the same name as this monster.

Auto Repair : everytime a stealth and/or a shield is removed, this monster will automatically have it.

Hide Out : deals critical damage to an enemy if there’s another enemy inside a stealth. the target should not be in stealth, and it cannot be redirected.

Quarantine : increases an enemy time by 100s if they have a poison skill and they already poisoned at least 1 teammate. it is not a stun skill. the teammate will be purified but will be immobilized for 50s.

Bird Flu : this skill will either stun, poison or hypnotize a bird enemy. it cannot be redirected but can only be used on those specific type of enemies.

Kickstart : if there’s an enemy that have above 50% speed, this monster will cut a teammate’s skill seconds by 50%. it can only affect a teammate slower than this monster and is only about to do their first move. it can only be used if this monster’s team speed is all 50% or below.

Recharge : this monster charges itself. it can only be used once a teammate have already used a charge skill. this monster do not have any other charge skill.

Lady Luck : this monster increases the kill count of a mythic female enemy by 1. the target should have a blood skill.


The devs released an arithmetics waifu? I’ll hear you and raise you a statistics waifu.

Holy element, Humanoid type, rounded stats, 25% speed


Principal Component: targets one enemy. Deals more damage the higher the variance of kills in the enemy team (100sec).

Gradient Descent: deals medium damage to the enemy with the least HP in the battlefield. If the enemy dies, this monster gets a turn (200sec, 3 uses)

Randomize: every monsters’ HP is reset to X%, where X is a random variable uniformly distributed between 1 and 100 (70sec, 2 uses)

Selection Bias: targets an enemy. Next time that enemy uses a move that requires selecting a target/targets, they’ll be chosen randomly (160sec)

SECRET SKILL - Predictive Model: replaces the next monster in the enemy reinforcements with a monster identical to the one next in your reinforcements. Must have at least 2 kills to use (50sec, +3 cost)


Statistical Power: if there are both an ally (excluding self) and an enemy monster with an RNG-based skill, active or passive, this monster gains Excessive Force.

Sleep Immunity


Let’s go for a coding waifu…


Holy, humanoid, standard defence stats, 87% speed


Is Null or Empty: If there is not a token at the back of your reinforcements, create rockoids until there is. Otherwise, deal big damage to one enemy (130TU)

Throw Exception: sacrifice a monster at the back of your team. If that monster is not a token, the enemy’s revenge effects are negated (100TU)

Nullable int: target enemy monster deals 0 damage with their next attack. Each monster can only be affected once per battle by this skill (70TU)

Infinite Loop: does nothing (30TU)

SECRET SKILL - Out of Memory Exception: sacrifices the user to deal piercing damage to all enemies. Cannot be used on the first turn.


Memory Leak: each move this monster uses boosts its attack and defence by 20%.

Asynchronous: each kill made by a teammate randomly either creates a Rockoid at the back of the team, heals CSharpima for a small amount or triggers CSharpima’s other passive one time (equal chance for each).

Just to be clear:

Is Null or Empty will create multiple rocks if she is at the back of your team and you do not have reinforcements.

Out of Memory Exception deals ~1000 piercing damage with the base stats, so requires many move uses before it one-shots (infinite loop is the way to charge it properly).

P.S. I hope some of you guys are coders so you get the references! @Unown @Dev_VKC


You forgot @DMGInterference

Also I would’ve loved a move called race condition ← It could’ve probably worked differently as infinite loop except instead of doing nothing it skips behind the next monster in line including your own monsters.

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i knew there was another thread for skills. smh. can someone move my thing from the monster design page?

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oh man tornado would be great fun! well…until a sakuralisk was on the team that is.

having a 50tu knockback move might be too powerful though. im guessing that’s why u added the limit

possibly too powerful having all the knockbacks with the passive. especially if this is a legendary monster.

i love the design though! very derpy!

it should be called Derpiranha.

1st evo Derppole
2nd evo Gooffish

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Yeah that’s a good alternative to infinite loop. Both achieve something very similar. For me, the fact the infinite loop does nothing (because it’s stuck looping) makes me chuckle. Race condition is more like an actual NM move that could exist without looking silly.

Tbh “infinite loop” kinda almost already exists, drift. Just more restrictive and not infinite use which is understandable when its 10tu

lol. ty KD but u moved the wrong bit! XD! i had some moves design above Derpiranha!

Re-post it in here (edit → copy → paste) and delete the original. It’s unclear to me which one you’re talking about

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Some sort of water vapour monster. misty Appearance.


ACTIVE - Stealthbane


ACTIVE - Sneak Attack

ACTIVE - Light Fog (70tu) - There is a 50% chance to apply stealth to each monster on the battlefield.

SS - Evaporate (1tu) - this attack soaks up and removes all poison status effects on the battlefield and replaces them with stealth effects.

PASSIVE - Liquid State - this monster cannot be critically hit and is immune to piercing moves.

PASSIVE - Fluidity - This monsters attack will increase 50% every time it deals damage to an opponent.

Stats -

Full Defence type.
60-80 speed.
water element

i don’t know why i didn’t think to copy paste before XD

I had a new monster idea from your design:

Rarity: Legendary

Name: Revengarl (Wolf samurai)

Element: Fire

Type: Beast

Stat distribution: Standard attack, speed over 70%

Active skills:

You’re grounded
Finishing snap

SS: Final Stand (1sec) fully heals user, boosts attack by 25%

Passive skills:

Avenger: Deals a critical hit to a random enemy whenever a teammate dies. Damage scales off attack stat, like a normal critical hit.
Hold ground

I had an idea of using a vulture as one of the main idea of this monster, but adorned with many skulls as its primary design, like Wendigo.
But add like a shadow mist/something like that to add the mysterious touch.

Rarity: Mythical

Name: Qlahothari

Element: Dark

Monster type: Phantom/Demon

Stats: Attack, and high speed based monster with a somewhat fragile defense(I want this one to be deadly, but then it’s also fragile as well. Making it a challenge to use).

Active skills:

Watching angel (70 secs) deals critical damage to holy element monster, and will also give the user overwatch if there’s any friendly holy element monster, this skill ignores shield, and hold ground.

Bewitching demon (70 secs) deals critical damage to shadow element monster, and will also slightly heal the user if there’s any friendly shadow element monster, this skill ignores shield, and hold ground.

Double bloodfury (100 secs) deals critical damages the more kill this monster made.

Soul eater (70 secs) deals critical damage if enemy monster at least has 1 kill, this skill ignores shield, and hold ground.

SS (Secret Skill): Catastrophic rebirth (0 sec) - This skill deals critical damage to one enemy, this skill cannot be redirected to other monster. It ignores shield, and hold ground, and will revive this monster at full HP in the next line of your team, there’s a 30% percent chance of summoning the first form of this monster.
This skill can only be used if 150 secs have passed since this monster turn, and at least have 1 kill.

First passive: Union immunity - This monster is immune to all negative status if there’s a friendly monster has the same type as this monster, and this monster skill cannot be redirected to other monster.

Second passive: Lone ghost - This monster atk is increased by 30%, and will also boost its critical hit ratio.

(Sounds a bit too OP, maybe the SS summon chance should be lowered into 20%?)

Rarity: mythical, elem dark

Low speed,low atk speed, highly defensive

Soul reaper (50 tu): Give a death mark to a enemy and when that enemy uses any skill it will die instantly. ( Ignores revenge and can be used everytime a teammate dies)

Soul resurrector ( 50 tu): After using this skill it will revive the monster that died by skill soul reaper and place at end of the team.

Soul manipulation(50 tu): It will choose one enemy and one teamate on the battlefield. Both will die instantly and revenge of both is neglected.

Bloodthirst (130 tu): deals critical damage after 2 kills

SS: Soul switch(1tu): Can switch the last monster with any friendly mons. But the last mons must be revived one with soul resurrector.


Guardian soul: Gain immunities of teamates that are on field( like if there is orca and chromera, it will gain stun immune from orca,poision immune from chromera and so on)

Hg or any kind of defence boost for 2nd passive