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Bruh speaking of this…

I want a petition to buff mojinator’s initial form.

Can the devs add purify skill on to it?? Cause i always use him in pvp and pve and he’s so good support with 4 in 1 monster in total. Hope they add purify so Mojinator will help so much monster.

By the way nice idea!.

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Devs almost always nerf lower forms of monsters, to discourage their use instead of final forms. For example: Ziberius, Lavamane, Jawshank and all the 1st form mythics


Bruh i want to add purify skill :sob::sob:

If they were to do that, that would be too powerful for a 5 cost monster…

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Still i want a purify skill on to it🙂

Evolve it and you’ll get it :stuck_out_tongue:


Scion of Light (7★)
Angelic type, Holy element, standard attack, 97% speed


Darkcrave: deals critical damage to an enemy if it’s Shadow or if this monster has 1+ kills (85sec)

Healing Light (85sec)

Purging Light: targets all enemies. Deals more damage the more allies are poisoned, then purifies all allies. Cannot be used if there is a Poison teammate (110sec)

Sealing Light: disables an enemy’s Secret Skill. Can only be used once each time an ally dies (68sec)

SECRET SKILL - LINK Stun Flash (+2 cost, 1sec)


Blessing Light: this monster is immune to Poison, Stun if HP > 70%

Hold Ground


Secret Skill -

Skill grab (1 use - 1 tu)- Steals an opponent’s secret Skill, can only target opponents who haven’t already used their SS. once this skill is used the opponent no longer has its SS.

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The Almighty Crab (6★)
Aquatic type, water element, full defence, 45% speed


Bloodlust (130sec)

Double Piercing Blow (200sec)

Burrow: sacrifice a friendly Rock type monster to apply a Shield + Stealth to self (70sec)

Shell Break: gain ATK+100% and 25% acceleration. Gain DEF-50% and lose Hardened Carapace. Can only be used if HP ≤ 50% (1 use, 70sec)

SECRET SKILL - Instant Protect Teammates (+2 cost, 1sec)


Hardened Carapace

Gravity Field


this sounds more like a Mythic monster. instant protect with hardened Carapace is already going to be nuts, add the double piercing attack which can be used straight away then you have a crazy monster.

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Tbf it’s Double Piercing Blow on a Full Defence legendary. It’s gonna deal 2300 damage to each target approximately. That’s why I put it on a 6★, it’d deal more damage if it was on a Full Defence mythic

It’s really gonna be useful as a last-ditch effort, when it gets rid of the shell and starts going all-out!

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