Lets discuss stun !

Just my suggestions regarding stun :

  1. Stun immunity should be on monsters with high TU moves generally but not on monsters with low TU skills.

  2. In PVP , maximum seconds a monster can be pushed to should be pre-set . Preferably 300 seconds. Stunning beyond 300 sec should be not possible . Just an idea though so if players get stun spammed , they get a chance to make a comeback within few enemy moves and dont get bullied by 3v1.

This is not applicable to pve

  1. All stun revenges be replaced by single stun revenge .

I made these suggestions only to bring stun immunity down a tier . Other passives are overshadowed . I generally don’t like using monsters vulnerable to stun , id like to see pvp more diverse with monsters that donot have stun immunity . Thank you !

@phoebe is gonna hate me for this !


Use aethereon and you can use whatever you like regardless of if it’s stun immune. Don’t have it you say? It’s in an egg now.

I don’t have problems with stun. I’m just putting forward the idea.

80% of my team is stun immune


point no 2,this is nerf for timestrike all

I remember dev saying time strike all is seconds limited although he dint reveal the amount .

what about the absorbers? this would be a major buff for bloom

Novadrake would be even more OP if stun immunity was only on high TU monsters. For people without stun converters a change like this would be terrible.

I agree a nice way to balance Stun would be to implement a max. number of seconds you can’t get stunned above, like 300sec, as you proposed.

I also agree much with your first observation, indeed I think the fastest sweepers with Stun Immunity should have their passive replaced with something like
Stun Resistance: reduces the effects of Stun by 50%
Stun Resistance+: reduces the effects of Stun by 75%.

Or maybe giving a form of immunity to Stun that ONLY affects active/passive skills?

In general, a monster’s Stun resistance should be inversely proportional to how powerful the monster is.
Similar to how Insomnia is a middle ground between unconditional Sleep Immunity and being vulnerable to Sleep.


high TU is meant as not 100 or less. 130 TU moves should be possible but stun immunity/converter/counter with 50/60/70 TU moves is dumb as hell. there is just absolutely no way to react to these units and they sweep through your team. that is also why entrance passives have been so annoying since the beginning of the game becasue the devs thoughts the only way to counter these fast sweepers with low TU moves were entrance passives but with stun immunity and having no clear weakness (poison/sleep/chrono/stun) makes these units absolute.


I did not understand this .

Ye this is what I meant . Sorry exu if my words were confusing .

Exactly what chan explained , high tu monsters should generally get stun immunity or converter so they don’t get stunned out . But it’s pointless to give such passives to low tu monsters like padri as a latest example .

Already existing monsters can’t be changed but I hope future monsters are designed carefully .

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My bad. The word immunity wasn’t there.

What I wanted to say that in order to counter a monster such as Novadrake that is very powerful and also very common, we need low TU stun immune options to account for a lack of proper stun absorbers/stun counters.

That being said I agree with you. Stun immunity shouldn’t be on low TU monsters. But it’s too late now.

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That is definitely a valid point . A stun immune stun killer !


I didn’t read the thread but all I want to say is buff stun nerf stun immunity :v


we need monster with stun killer.until now we only have :innocent:4 monster with stun killer.banedragon,floccubo,tygoron,scarleguard

yes buff novadrake endgames plis

Dude Stun is extremely balanced atm there is more than enough counters and even new ones are created every month with very high quality imo like Shiny jadeboa low cost stun absorver with no killer weakness and the coming shiny panda which is even better imo and now we even have LEO in rare gems so Stun Counters are no longer special egg limited… What else do you want if you get stunned is because you weren’t prepared enough that’s it

I often find my FD Iris at 1000 seconds. I need willowyrm to save my team from Timestrike all and my mid-game is stun weak too.
But IMHO, Stun Is Perfectly Balanced.

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