Lethal Revival Trio Egg

SO has anyone been lucky enough to hatch one of them? What can you say about this special egg?? As much as I wanna roll because of the 2 SE’s, I don’t wanna waste it coz road to 300 is better. :slight_smile:

I have 2 gems,spent my gems trying to get penguinator
For the first time ever I want the SE monster more that the leg

Lol I feel you, I don’t want Atra because his design sucks same as moveset, horror and crypt are better. :slight_smile:

Dont roll atras is not worth it

I am right or wrong: in UC atras does not revive buffed monsters with the buff like horrorclaw and the other SE do right? So he is still useless unless they buff him

just realized we have really different taste in monster design, i think atras is by far one of my fav mon in term of design :slight_smile:

Woah really? Wow atra is more useless than I thought, lol, I’m sure there are still those who want to roll the eggs for the SE’s

Yeah we really differ, I love monsters that have animalistic designs and have symmetry, I hate Tenebris and Terragar because of too many heads. :slight_smile:

I almost sure atrahasis revive buffed as well. But he revive them on 1 hp, so it hard to get it going.

not sure as I haven’t used that thing but most people say the revived mons are not buffed.

Atra’s revived mons are buffed as well.

Atra - revives buffed mons


Used it with death revenge front - line against the gate keeper with Leo in the front.

Revived enemy Leo- life flip - then swept majority of the team with him -

Not saying atra is good /bad

me too

I can confirm atra revives buffed monsters. That being said he’s not actually that good in UC, the best you can do is use atra with auro (revive then reincarnate the revived monsters when they die) and then heal rearguard to get some buffed monsters at full health but it’s very inconsistent
Also my favourite design will forever be the Godfeather.
Also the name

i wanna cry :cry:. I wanted to get the 2 se. but got atra instead. So sad.

Cryptblade re-typing to DARK.??


Watch no one spends gems on this egg because Atra sucks now, and then Atra gets buffed to an OP level after the update.
Z19 HarryOak

I think no one spends because they are waiting for an easter event :wink:
Z19 ArashOak

That doesn’t even rhyme with Gary. You’re not getting it
Z19 ZardtachiOak

OK, I get it now.
Z19 OakOak