FESTIVAL EGG!!! - First Ones!!!

… I got terragar when i accidentally press the hatch button. I think its the best Festival Monsters ever!!! What do you guys think??? BTw, is terragar good?

I already have Atrahasis, Met, and Bovo. Should I roll to try and get Zib, Raizen, or Terragar? Is it worth it or should I save up for the ultra high chance festival (50 - 100% on packs). Knowing my luck I’ll end up with a dupe. I once got four Atra dupes from the same festival.

Those are the best 3 in there in my opinion so why not

I got bov and terragar worst 10 in 1 roll from what I’ve heard about these first ones… Does anyone know if their any good?

Terragar if supported it’s not that bad, and bov it’s a bit tricky and really situational

Yeah I really wanted Zib or Meta maybe even Raizen but I’m going to have to wait till next week to spin again. I was just impatient and bought enough gems for a 10 in 1 and got those. But thanks Mist I’ll see what I can whip up with those two.

Isn’t bovo good for UC? Put a protector + bovo, hopefully destroying the FL? Then maybe you can just cannibalize him afterwards. But other than UC, I see no use for him.

He is good for UC, IMO, because you can force the enemy down to 1 HP no matter how buffed they are.  You do have to have good support for him to make sure you don’t destroy your own team with the deathmatch move.  His other moves (even with the new buff) are basically worthless beyond his utility for UC.

Bovo means 4 kills in UC by it self which is good,in PVE its a big meh,so hard to setup,so easy to kill

I also did 3 singles all dupe

I got zib atra and valza… in 3 pakcs… after having nothing new but reven in my last 16 packa… so im happy

I like Terragar very much, in presenting battle he makes fun, summon 2 rockoids by entering battle and summon 3 as a SS. And double survivor and sacrifice heal, he’s like bahamuzar but better in sacrifice options while survivor loading.

I think this one has like a 3.6% chance of getting a featured limited as compared to Goldtail/Wraith that had like a 1% when opening. So I’d say that odds so far are higher or decent if you don’t have any of the featured then it might be good to open a 10 pack if you wanted to.

I didn’t know there will be a festival! I spend all my gems for that goldtail chance… :frowning:

Damn it i haven’t got any luck either,and my buddy Laxtank got already 60 op legends decides to do a single roll and got Rizen…devs  please me with some luck! :frowning:

Not everyone is lucky jake i rolled 65 gems and got nothing

I might wait until the new legendaries are revealed. I feel like I’ll end up getting a dupe of Atra or Bovo. I want Zib or Raizen but the odds must be under 1% for either of them.

Nebel is bad, sry bro. Join Zards buff club.

Just rolled single egg and got Raizi…