Best Legendaries to Hatch

What are the best Legendary monsters to obtain from eggs(excluding event Legendaries)?

What are the best Legendary monsters to hatch from eggs(excluding event Legendaries)?

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Do you mean the legendary from regular egg pool? If so some of the best are midas, tt, shockers

Yeah, for the eggs obtained with Gems and the eggs obtained with Rare Gems

(I’m confused by what you said in your 1st comment, I’m new to this forum)

Lol ignore the first comment, I thought you were referring to the limited legendary, for rare egg, atra and auro are probably two of the best

Personally, I think from a beginner’s perspective the best legends you could possibly end up with are Loch and Shadowkit. Even in their first forms they can gain control of the entire battle, and are extremely reliable at one shotting enemies even when their stats are buffed.

Okay, thanks for clearing that up for me! I thought I was somehow in trouble for making this post or something like that.
I’ll keep those 2 in mind, though there are multiple mixed opinions on these Legendaries and every other monster, I’ve heard some good things about Atrahasis. Not sure about Aurodragon, but I do like its exclusive Reincarnation combined with Heal Rearguard.

Those 2 Legendaries with sleep moves seem really good, but I need more monsters that can help support them. Would I need more monsters with sleep moves on that team to make them even more effective, like Sleep All?

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nebelronix and cosmodragon
those two too OP
dev, debuff them please

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I’ve heard Nebelronix’s name mentioned many times(for good and for bad depending on that person’s opinion), but I haven’t heard a lot from Cosmodragon. Though they do have an identical moveset(besides type and Secret Skill), so technically when I hear about Nebelronix, the same goes for Cosmodragon.
So I’m guessing the best part about them would mainly be because of Blood Duplicate + Death Revenge?

That’s the only part about them unfortunately. And they don’t do it well at all.

Oh well. I see you’re one of those people on the other end of opinions on those monsters.
I’m just hoping that when I get my next Legendary, it’s a really good one overall, and is considered great by most people. I guess that’s what kind of Legendary everybody wants though.

The unfortunate thing is that you had a roughly 2 in 17 chance of getting something useless, and you did. :expressionless:

Wait, what?

If you get a rainbow egg, then you have a 2 in 17 chance(without counting limiteds) of getting one of the useless quartet(cryo, sanctallion, nebelronix, cosmodragon).

Oh, okay. Yeah, I don’t have either of those 2 Legendaries yet. I guess that’s not bad since I may have gotten better Legendaries instead.