Kanna - The New And Improved Bastia

Lol wow I dont even have words for how broken this hoe is


the design is dogshit like usual but tricranium looks stronger lol

Someone just told me the speed is 80 nevermind then I assumed it was around 30 or 40 but I was wrong

@Dev_VKC thanks but this one seems more op :joy:

My suggestion was balanced lol
Anyway I wish I can hatch her :smiley:


I saw the monster , opened other topic without seeing this .

That’s it , I’m done . Lemon made the smartest move ever. Screww this game

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Those are some huge guns :heart_eyes:

Secret seal should affect all monsters except itself


Look at her design LMAO! her boobs almost pop out😂


Yeah wtf make her affect everyone shes way too strong now, do devs even think when they do mons?
She can pierce,revive,shield,not stun and most importantly make enemy not have SS.This is so dumm , devs would release a Op mon for ppl to roll on purpose and then nerf it coz of course its too strong.Devs tols us they will try to not make any OP mons from now on and now we got this.Very dissapointed in the game.

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tempted to hatch her, but i am 80% sure she will get nerf
daunt 2.0, revive with 100% hp, crazy passive, and crazy secret skill

I tried 2 singles but no i got crap epics

we’ve all been there lol
good luck next time

When are you folks going to stop taking the devs “word” as gospel?

In case you haven’t noticed they are employing classic predatory sales techniques, in this case the ole’ bait and switch (release overly sexual OP monsters) which leads to a huge revenue spike followed by the inevitable nerf.

But don’t fret for some closure they will write a post stating how “sorry” they are and about how they promise to do “better” in the future.

And don’t forgot those sweet free gems as compensation to help you sleep better at night.


I don’t see the problem here, she is a Mythic she should be better than a legend or why should one spend money on this game?

Will this be fair to F2P ? No but this game need sales…Sales Team don’t give a ■■■■ about complainings, their only interest is $$$

Now what is disgusting is that design, a first mortar Mythic should not be that beach with big valleys.


At least the design is more tame compared to some of the other hentai ladies…

Went for the legendaries but ofc didn’t get them


:open_mouth:don’t u happen to be the only one with all mortar monsters ? Except dont ofc…

U had both Trica n Sphinx if I’m not wrong :thinking: or perhaps just Sphinx

Missing sarco and that dino, they’re probably my most wanted atm

Next monster maybe : Stun seal , posion seal , sleep seal ( oh i love that )

There is already a stun seal

And it’s banner is on now

I don’t really object to this “seal” skill. This is a new step in anti strategy. I think Seal should apply to both players to be fair like Bastia or Regalion used to do

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