I'd like to nerf a monster which help me a lot to get a lot of wins which almost everyone including me think its op (Thread title inspired by BobTheHobbo also known as Duck)

So the title explains it all. Lemon the best control monsters only gets outclassed by Bastia. Between slayerbane all, potent sleep, dream all entrance it is completely OP some might say just run counters, but the price of not running counters should just be losing momentum not instantly losing the game (quoted from Sassolino). So I proposes some of these nerfs not all should be implemented :
1.Make the sleep 240 sec
2.Make the sleep purify all monsters first before sleeping. I know this would mean poison won’t be viable but that means nectareon won’t be used anymore and it will only be exclusive to sleep immunes which in my opinion is better to handle
3. Give the thing unmovable (this is a must)
4. Delete it from the game and give all players who have it unlimited gems an a bastia

Threads like this are never civil so lets try to keep it civil. (Don’t say I cry because I lose to it and therefore want it nerf i’m a lemon user too)


Points 2 & 3 would be sufficient enough imo.

I hope they implement no.4


Why don’t you run ogremaster in your endgame?

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Good players unlike me will have a pullback monster near lemon

@NMEGaryOak is ogremaster the next galvbane?

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I don’t think your nerf ideas would make her balanced (besides #4, which is what I’d do), but honestly this monster is such a mess that I’d have no idea how to nerf her either.

Personally I think a complete rework is necessary:

  • her entrance needs to go, no middle-ground on this, it’s just too much.
  • Slayerbane All, just like Bastia’s Serene Field, is NOT something you can give to a defensive mythic. Ever.
  • Potent Sleep is only acceptable on Goldtail because that monster is full attack, has pathetic speed, 2 standard attack moves and no passives, and even so that move alone makes him arguably the best sleep monster in the game second only to Lemon.

Also mythics should have their cost reduction reverted, I mean Gorgodrake costs less on my team than Oakthulhu… are we being serious right now?!

EDIT: Maybe the only way that entrance would be salvageable is by giving it a 33% chance to put to sleep. This way unless you get really unlucky only 1-2 monsters would go to sleep, and it might even backfire if the user gets more unlucky than the opponent. Even then though it would require some testing as some new purify combos might come out of it.



If not an outright rework, here’s my ideas:

  • Create an all new variation of sleep status for Lemon(and why not Thug Beckie too while we’re at it) that instead of being time based, goes away as soon as the victim loses one turn. This will make it far more akin to a stun, and greatly reduces the move’s overall impact of the fight so things can swiftly get back into motion.
  • Give potent sleep RAW as well as SOLO. A damn powerful move like this on a mon with plenty else going for her needs more caveats.
  • Downgrade to Dual Slayerbane. Or better yet, Make it LINK Slayerbane all. That way you have choose to commit to either potent sleep or SB, but there’s no way in hell you can have both.
  • Tago’s second suggestion, except purify only allies. This opens up the possibility of a devastating reversal if the opponent’s able to stock up enough on poison or insomnia, and of course eliminates the cheap nectar combo.

That’s a buff because it will ignore protectors too and there are very few using her with protectors


Slayerbane all on a support mon is nuts

Slayerbane deez nutz @Tanbeer


My two suggestions:

  1. Make her purify only your team on entry, before the sleep everything happens (this makes combos harder and makes poison on the enemy team a counter as well as an enemy poison team not accidentally leaving your monsters awake).

  2. Make her entrance have a chance to sleep monsters, like 50% or 60% (to be honest this would’ve been the way to do it from the beginning).

Doing both suggestions is a possibility too. I agree Lemon is too reliable and easy to build around. She’s not broken, just a bit too much too easily.

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50% is a bit generous given everything else she brings to the table: 33% at most and she purifies her own team too… and she’d still be broken.

That doesn’t sound good at all… basically a slightly stronger but more RNG dreamy entrance except it requires awkward building around so it doesn’t backfire. I know the monster without the passive is basically a stronger Goldtail already, but the passive should be worth building around.

What they need to do imo
1 50% chance to sleep
2 SOLO Potent Sleep Changed to SOLO Sleep 50TU (this way it will still won’t be paired up with goldtail)
3 Remove Fairy dust passive from Lemons 2nd form and give it Shield entrance or something like that (that way such a powerful passive will be behind a paywall and not every lucky hatcher will have the chance to abuse it)
4 add Unmovable to the Fairy dust passive effect that way it will be impossible to abuse it’s entrance to get the same effect it has now (if it’s nerfed of course)

Imo the first 2 are a MOST the other 2 are optional but needed as well

Exactly. She just has too much.

Take away both Potent Sleep and Slayerbane All, then your suggestion is fine. Still pushed, but fine.

Slayerbane all is very bad on her. It’s an incredibly weak move, only made good on Penguinator because it has piercing. Lemon deals half the damage Penguinator does in most cases… so to one-shot enemies she needs 3 of them to have kills and even then she doesn’t one-shot the tanky monsters.

I’m certain they gave her that move simply as a stronger “hit all” move but without making it much stronger at all. Similarly, double dreamhunt is to make it harder for her to control the field than with a single dreamhunt (like we see on Goldtail).

This is the dumbest thing you’ve ever said by far @TheCroutonGuy

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Slayerbane All is the option she has when her win-on-entrance passive has been countered, just to make sure that if she doesn’t win you the game outright she can still threaten to wipe away a decent chuck of the enemy team. And she threatens it well given how insane defensive mythics are.

The fact that you called Slayerbane All on a monster like Lemon “bad” and also manage the tier list is mindblowing to me.


I would say slayerbane all is useless for lemon because she is made to stall time not to make her kills