about lemon and toxic presence

I’m tired of it. Why can such a simple combination easily achieve the effect of 4vs0 and turn the tide of the battle and ruin my entire team. It is really absurd.

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please pay attention to this issue. I think your original intention of designing lemon is not this.

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Their intention was to get tons of money by letting ppl get free wins with an easy sleep lock so I think they succeeded. I’m sure toxic presence into lemon isn’t something they didn’t know about.


Everyone crying on the forum these days.



Quoting my last update to the tier list thread…

There’s A LOT of stuff added to counter sleep…

  • Terrordragon got sleep immunity (it has poison gas).
  • Abyssraider got sleep immunity (it has poison gas).
  • Cyclozar got insomnia (it has sleep killer).
  • Bazilogon got insomnia.
  • Terragar got insomnia (it can now purify + heal teammates).
  • Metatherion got nightwatch (it has insomnia).
  • Vulcaroth has a 50% chance to poison each monster on entrance (wakes up sleeping teammates).
  • Chimeraxus deals tiny damage to all monsters on entrance (wakes up all sleeping teammates).
  • Celestrion got ascension all (wakes up sleeping teammates).
  • Cybereon got poison all revenge (wakes up sleeping teammates).
  • Poison burst got a damage increase, buffing poison gas in general and a number of monsters which are counters to sleep.

It’s good that there are more counters but if you don’t run sleep immunes or a poison endgame then you are screwed lol and there’s no way of playing around it.

Basically, there’s now plenty of stuff in the game which can counter Lemon or other sleep effects. We’re in a good position for powerful sleep effects to be part of the meta and build our teams to protect against them.

Go with the flow of the game developing rather than refusing to change. We all make stun proof front lines without ever questioning it. Why not make sleep/poison proof end-games or FLs that can deal with OoO?

This combination is very stable. I cannot guarantee that all my monster combination on the field can restrain this combination. It is very difficult. Even if I bring centaur, moji, or poison to a certain part of the team, their effect is still very poor. I think you have played the sleep control team before, the effect is same, but the key problem is that the previous sleep control team may only have a success rate of 20~30, but this combination can have a success rate of 80 ~90

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Well, I think that while making Stun immune FLs is a must, and that’s ok, if we also had to make Sleep immune mid-lategames, then the amount of personalization we are able to put in our teams would go further down and that would make the game less enjoyable.

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