I already beat the mission but I don’t have ice queen. Does it stop at floor 28 because I can’t go on further?

U need to redo it again get the mission egg and hope to get another chillmaiden out of it

do you think it’s worth it? I’ve already used 60 tickets and only got 100 left

If you go below 60, you can always go back and get more

How dead pool?
I don’t want to spend gold

No gold is required. You can simply claim them.


When you to the multiplayer part, you’ll see claim tickets next to buy tickets.

Hit claim

If you have less than 60, you can go claim more

Oh sweet. Ok thanks guys

If you don’t get a chillmaiden in the egg, can you start from floor 17 or do you need to start all the way at 1?

I’m not sure

I’d say start at one and go from there

ugh let the tediousness begin :confused: now if i only knew how to time eggs…

You might as well try from the checkpoint… save yourself time if you can.

Timing eggs = tedious

Timing eggs = Sad

I got Icequeen after doing the OM 17 times again cuz I refuse to time eggs

I just noticed this OM requires 30 tickets, unlike the usual ones that require only 2 tickets!

Its all About the money money money

Can someone please tell me how da fauq do u time eggs ?

Please watch ur Language! And dont time eggs Thats just sad

Sorry but can u please tell me how ? It is a hack or something ?

No it isnt and im not going at stimulate someone to time eggs