Another terrible mission

I got three ice queens.  Not the fourth.   It is a joke.  30 tickets to waste your time on useless mission eggs. 

What do you think?  Good deal? 

You can do it as many times as you want… So if you get three chill maidens, then you can just do the gold egg at the end until you get one.

U can do it over and over yes but its 30 tickets instead of the usual 2 tickets and the last one in the mission eggs stimulate egg timers

Everyone  can get golden eggs at only the expense of tickets with this mission.  Timers already have everything from eggs.  At least this way players who are unable to time can get several eggs if they want and hopefully get a few exclusive arks.  

The tickets argument is fairly irrelevant given how easy they are to get. I think, for anyone patient enough, this is a good mission.

Aren’t they just mission eggs? The one I got wasn’t golden and didn’t have any rare creatures in it

There are no exclusives in mission golden eggs … Its all catchable or obtainable through pvp

Oh my bad Collector

Gold mission eggs do have egg-exclusives, such as Minespider, Stegospike and the like. 

NEVER ever seen Those in mission eggs !

I’m pretty sure they are in mission and gold eggs…

Exclusives are in gold mission eggs.

Tickets are infinite, easy to get, and free.

This mission is pretty much unlimited mission eggs, no?

Seriously, people will complain until they get handed stuff on a silver platter. I did this mission WITHOUT timing a SINGLE egg, and got it within an hour. You all need to stop complaining and actually do the dungeon-crawling. 

I also did not use a single egg-exclusive to fight. I used Omegas and one Shadowstalker (which could easily have been replaced with a Plasmorex).

So yeah…it’s very possible without timing eggs. You’re just not spending enough time and actually WORKING HARD to get it. Sheesh.

they arent gold mission eggs, they ar just mission eggs

Oh. Well, do they have the mission monster in it? If so, then my argument still stands.

I didn’t actually do the mission yet - I thought that the reward is a gold egg :).

Ill record my next 50 golden eggs and ill show u that there are no egg exclusive in it

We’ve already confirmed that exclusives are in gold mission eggs - I’ve seen them myself.

Yep, I can confirm that as well. I see them all the time.

Every egg has some in-games, the mission, and egg-exclusives.

Ill record it to prove u wrong, basicly ur saying that Every mission egg has egg exclusives ?

Gold mission egg, not regular mission egg.