Special Event : The Chill Queen , Starts 1/10/14 5PM EST 10 PM GMT

The Chill Queen

The Ultimate Hypnotist
Put enemies to sleep at 65% chance.

Replay & Claim the Mission Completion Reward , as many times as you want!

Starts 1/10/2014 5PM EST, 10 PM GMT. (Fri)
Ends 1/16/2014

This time its starts on a Friday! Please dont worry if you have plans on Friday! This time, there is no competition to get the reward! Everyone strong enough to beat the mission will have equal chance of getting it!

Mission Completion Reward

Mission egg <Everyone>

Mission Progress Reward
Chillmaiden x 3 <Everyone>

To get started on it immediately after the event is live, please force quit your app and relaunch it. (Please DO NOT DELETE your app).

Here is how: http://iosguides.net…pp-iphone-ipad/

*This is a special event and is not part of Season 1 events. Claiming the main reward on this event will not change your pool for future events!

Il take this as a sorry for slow update apology lol

Yeah but what if this the week mission :P 

No new other one coming tomorrow… Its not bad but everyone can get this arkadion for a whole week… so just everybody is getting it.

Yeah makes it a little less satisfactory having everyone get it lmao. Ah well i cant find anyone on pvp :frowning: sucks

I cant even pvp :stuck_out_tongue: so it always says that it cant find anything…

BTW they messed up with the date again luckely I typed everything right this time except for the picture then

Just can’t please everyone, can you?

No haha but the date mistake is weird:P Ryan said he would fix it last time but oh well he maybe still has a hangover from his vacation!

I have a question what does it mean that you Can replay the mission over and over and get the mission reward? Does that mean that i get a gold egg every time i complete the event?

Or what does it say

Well I dont know that:P Would be awesome though! But we will have to wait till tonight for the mission

Does Anybody Knows how many starts chillqueen have?
BTW, why dord anybody get this ark?
You only get a Gold egg for completing.

Maybe its a fusion ? Fusing 3 Chillmaidens to get the Chill queen?

So if I finish first I will get 1 frostqueen and 3 frost maidens?
Or is it just 1 frostqueen for everyone who plays?

No the problem is that it says nothing about GETTING the chillqueen:P The only thing it says is that u get 3 x chillmaiden and 1 x mission gold egg

It says mission completion is an egg so do that iver and over to get a free gold egg each time

If that really is the case im so spam this mission :stuck_out_tongue:

sweet I thought the chill queen looked like the king though lol good thing I’m into hypnosis :slight_smile:

I’m guessing it’s the standard 4. You get three and you need one more via egg. Which is why you can repeat the last boss to get the mission egg over and over?

Well we Will see About that tonight :smiley: i cant wait :slight_smile:

Same she will be a great card to use tactically.
Anyone know moves?

Does this qualify as an weekly mission? If not, this would extend the wait until Season 2 starts.