Huskegon thoughts

What are people’s thoughts on this new mythic?? Does anyone like it and think I’m completely wrong?

Personally, the only bits I like are the fact it’s another time freeze monster and the ally substitute lvl 4.

Timecrush double is a weaker version of timestrike double so it still needs one target to be 200TU+ and the TU is 200 instead of 130.

Stunning entrance is not enough to set up a kill unless the enemy team has a stun absorber or you’ve already stunned them with other things.

Show of might is a nice tranquilizing entrance. I can see this being useful, except it has 100s restriction from first turn.

Raw bloodcrave is always great but you’ll have a hard time getting to use it because to get a kill the monster sets itself back by 200TU (168 because it’s +9). Vengeful recovery is the very optimistic move assuming that you can get kills with bloodcrave and need to heal up so you can kill more.

This monster seems a little weak from what I can see. The moveset isn’t quite coming together to make something strong. Also, Huskegon has minimum defence and no passives which protect it from anything so it looks a bit like a super epic in that regard.

P.S. Don’t take this as a buff request, it’s merely my thoughts on what would have made it exciting to me:

  1. Stunning entrance -> Shocking entrance, to set up timecrush double a lot better. Add restriction so you can’t ally substitute lvl 4 itself or lower speed a bit.
  2. Show of might no time restriction, speed lowered to 30-40%. Hence you can stunning entrance then immediately show of might for more stun + sleep.
  3. Increase timecrush double damage so it kills once one target is 150TU+ and lower TU to 160. Much better sweeping and setup for the raw bloodcrave.

Its completely op.

You dont need the SS.
He enters stun the enemy you use his swift cannabis stun again and charge bloodcrave then you sweep at 60tu.

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The show of might has a time restriction of 100s from his first turn. There’s no easy way to pass 100s before using it, you’re basically stuck using timecrush double.

You can use raw bloodcrave duh

Show of might makes it strong af

Also found centaureon super good because of it’s raw bloodcrave. Even if you don’t have targets it’s not hard charging them

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Right, so basically you guys say ignore the SS and ignore the timecrush double… just pass 100s with two raw bloodcraves then show of might (another 100TU) and start sweeping.

I can see that, but doesn’t feel anywhere near as strong as other options out there.

Count show of might as 0 tu because you stun them for 80 sec and put one asleep. (84 tu if awakened) And can remove any dead weight

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You’re one of the guys who usually says “too early to judge” and now you’re the one doing exactly that

Also why you abuse mod powers and edit my post that had nothing wrong in it?

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Woah, getting a bit personal now. This thread was just to ask other’s opinion on the monster after sharing my own.

I removed the “duh” because it was a bit rude and rather than discussing publicly how you shouldn’t write rude stuff to people I decided to remove it and that if you were like that again I’d send you a private message about it. Please don’t jump to the “abuse of power”. I was doing nothing other than trying to make this forum a more friendly place.

Nothing special with it … Raizen+centaur remake in one monster… only highlight is show of might… it can be immensely useful but it’s just another form of stun retribution (both need to lose one monster) … Overall 2 legendaries at the cost of one !

Yeah you’re right, it’s a combination of the two but slowed down and given less defence.

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Ye speed is a bit low to my liking. But when there is a new and revamped willowyrm everywhere , this mythic is a let down

In my opinion, the timestike double seems to be better than the timecrush double. The first is only 109s (+9) compared to 168s. Secondly, it does not ignore hold ground and shiled. If you do not ignore the hold, you can stun a monster sucking stun using timestike double to attack it and another monster, then it is 1 target for you to use the next timestike.

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Was just pointing out the obvious. Surprised you even took that as “rude”

40% of communication is lost through the medium of communication that is text.

What isn’t offensive to one person may be quite to another.

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Well you can obviously pass time using any skill, but an uncharged bloodcrave isn’t ideal and 100s is a long time to wait. It’s nowhere near as rude as other things but it also can’t be taken as anything other than rude, you know? The main reason I removed it was it was unnecessary and nothing other than unpleasant. Other people didn’t need to read it. You get surprised that I removed it and I get surprised you “freak out” when I make a slight alteration to your post. We’re even now I hope :slight_smile:

Think of it this way, raizen has to use timestrike double twice before it kills 2 hg mons, this only has to do it once

Oh and on top of that, raizen has to prioritise all monsters that come in. Husky can ignore a good portion of monsters that are affected by time freeze

On a monster which wants the kill (Huskegon) then the piercing is good. On a monster which wants at least one enemy stunned 24/7 (Raizen) the non-piercing move is better.

Personally I like to keep enemy monsters out of play so timestrike double is my favourite. A 200TU (168TU) move which kills two monsters isn’t what I want to be using in PvP when I can’t give turn to that “stunned” sweeper. They’ve got two new monsters on the field and my sweeper with low defence is out of play.

I have to agree you spoke to early about the monster.

Removing dead weight is very powerful in this game. I typically use atra to remove dead weight and setup specific team combos he will definitely be better then atra doing this.

Raw bloodcrave is very powerful combined with other raw monsters he will be a beast.

Timebreak double is always a situational move even with raizen.

Alright, I won’t totally discount the monster just yet. I’m still unconvinced so I’ll place it low in the tier list but I’ll watch to see what I think and listen to others once they’ve tested it out a bit.

59 tu raw kill move and even lower healing move, it has a lot of value right now. Raw moves are so much better now (imo) than they were few months ago