Thoughts on Hu Shin and Baphogouge( New Mythic and Legendary)


Both are great


Hu Shin looks a bit hard to set. Her design reminds me of Swire, from Arknights.

I remember reading Dev_VKC replying to some thread asking for less “religious words” on monsters’ names, such as “lord” and “hell”, and now they brought a Baphomet monster… It’s not a problem for me, actually. It looks cool.


Why does the mythic look like a shitty version of moku with a worse necromancy…? On top of that why full attack instead of standard-full defense?? Full attack isn’t gonna do almost anything except make bloodthirst do more damage after one kill


Yooooooo Grasshterios


id be interested to see how much damage new Mythic does awakened to buffed monsters.
6950 attack × 100% might actually deal with some buffed targets. her instant true hit means she can kill an opponent and instantly revive it. culling is basically a backbite with restrictions but still useful. Mark protection is a good Passive too.
her only downside is her clunkiness. having to setup equal team size could be annoying.
i can see her being A to S tier for both PvE and PvP.

the leggy is brilliant in my opinion.
That instant payback killer means it can potentially sweep with link bloodbite from turn one.
people have been pointing out that demoralize is slow however its no slower than Shieldbreaker/Stunbreaker and considering it will have more targets than those 2 it is a great move. its Link Shield might be more useful than people realise too. monsters like terraghoul, Chamilizard, gnashjaw usually die from any attack and also have link and elemental restrictive moves. shield will help them.
i can see this monster becoming feared in PvP.
especially when they release shikabloom (beast type)
PvE applications are limited to non-buffed monsters however its shield may be useful and it should do well against regular opponents. payback killer of course being the main appeal.
I’d probably give this a S- to S+ tier for PvP and an B to S- tier for PvE.


the new mythic is all over the place, with a few changes very very playable, but apex predator is an empty passive already and even more so in the future and mark protection also seems slapped onto her without much thought behind it.
As it stands right now she offers nothing worthwhile

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Interesting to read some opinions here. Here’s my opinion (could be wrong of course)…

Hu Shin is one of the worst mythics. Waaaay too clunky. Adding restrictions onto situational moves is a recipe for disaster and you’re likely to never get to do much good with the moveset. I can’t see any reason to ever want to use this monster.

Baphogouge looks brilliant. It’s earth’s Ashterios and should work very nicely in the FL with 61% speed demoralise. With a GT that could get nasty pretty quickly. Instant payback killer is also a nice thing to be in the meta and it’s well balanced on this monster because it cannot be used on a HG monster for an easy link bloodbite charge (has to be a DR monster as the target). Btw demoralise does easily enough damage for buffed enemies in PvE (it does roughly 7000 or more).


u mean shield ally?

GT = give turn
I’m saying if you have it with a give turn monster you can demoralise → give turn → link bloodbite

Hu Shins design looks really really cool.

But I know from Moku that it’s not that easy to be in the right situation for the right moveset. It’s difficult to build your team towards that. So I can image she’ll not be very easy to play with. Her re-life move like Atrahasis is in form 2 much slower and somemore restricted. And how to easily charge the blood move?

Saying that I didn’t have the chance to properly test her yet, I guess she’ll be very interesting to play with, but in both PvE and PvP I think she’ll be only average.

Having a protecor or mythic around her will restict her. Revive move only works when you’re not leading the match with reinforcements (so no throw team), blood move can only charge properly when you are either keeping the restrictions or leading with reinforcements with sacrificing your teammate.

It sounds very complicated to me to build around her and use her, guessable not worth the effort.

interesting → frustrating

Honestly, I think she’ll be incredibly disappointing to play with. The concept behind what she’s doing is brilliant but the monster that’s been created is pretty useless. Charging bloodthirst will feel nice when it happens, but that’s about it.

I’ve done the SCB now and it’s super easy to ignore her the entire time when she’s on the battlefield. She’s simply not a threat at all. The best insult to injury would be to repulse her when she has bloodthirst charged. Ironically, Baphogouge was also useless in the SCB because the AI currently spams elem shield ally so you can simply ignore him if you keep removing his shield.

i just rechecked her moveset and i realized i misread Pounce. lol.
i thought it was a regular attack that did critical damage if there was equal monsters. i didn’t realise that the move couldn’t be used at all if there weren’t equal opponents.
i do however think that she is going to prove worthy of B/A tier.
if she gets a kill she has a high enough attack- especially if she is boosted by being the only Mythic - to potentially kill using a single kill charged bloodthirst.

not a great idea since earth doesnt have that much of GT monsters except the Double Gt dude and u cant gurante meeting a monster with hold ground

atleast ashteros has fastrike which was his main killing move to get the bloodbite rollin.
this earth ash seems kinda restricted and hard to get him going

The mythic is obviously S+ tier due to it having a full attack stat distribution + a move that pierces and deals crit damage.

You’re exactly right, interesting moveset, but frustrating and complicated to use this moveset.

But maybe this is a condition that some people like. The dolphins are too easy to set up → nerv them. Here it’s guessable a challenge or luck to make her work. So she’ll maybe be buffed some day.

EXACTLY, like Medbie!


She does one-shot any non-earth legendary in this case, but not meeting a mythic is very unreliable and the benefit of needing one fewer kills is not anything to get excited about. There’s no way she’s on the same power level as B and A tier mythics. They’re really strong by those tiers.

I know what you’re saying. They definitely have their pros and cons. I don’t think it’s better than Ashterios, but the higher speed is a big deal. HG monsters are very plentiful and, having played with Ash quite a bit, there are a bunch of times when swift faststrike has to be used to not get a kill because the enemy you want to target has HG/shield and sometimes you’ll need to urgently attack it. So I think it somewhat evens out how easily they charge link bloodbite.

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Oh damn. i misread again! XD
i thought apex predator was active only if there was no Mythic on your OWN team - not the battlefield. yes. shes trash Lmao. :rofl:

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