Thoughts on Hadeshoof ( New Mythic)


How is this thing not a Robotic type😐, looks more robotic than phantom to me, apart from that really cool design😎, i have such a far way to go😣

It’s an attempt at a mythic version of Infernicorn that turned out to somehow be worse


no gems im broke don’t talk to me.

ahhhh they open shrine when i spend my gems last day ahhhhhhhh

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another stun counter with hold ground.
great move sets and can be combine with another dark elem monsters
i think it’s good mythic

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I think it’s really good.

It has a balance of support and attack. Stun protection which can attack and cause damage is always deadly.
Stun counter and Guardian ex will give turns
Bloodthirst will easily be charged.

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Shadow finally has good stun protection :partying_face:

And with good I mean: compared to Trashnyxia

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A good design on a non-humanoid mythic? Must be my birthday (not that I can pull it right now but good addition to the game nonetheless)

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It’s a bit of a weird one. Based on the moveset my mind was constantly telling me it was a legendary but no, it’s apparently a Mythic! However, piercing blow is a good move, it will guarantee kills and HG is good too. Not bad, far from it! As a link shadow enjoyer, might have to get him along the line!

it’s basically Carmilla support

I’m still undecided on Hadeshoof. I like the uniqueness of having guardian execute on a frontliner, and it has great passives in stun counter and hold ground.

One issue I see is Kattmander, who essentially makes having a frontline with Holy/Shadow a non-starter (Katt is a problem worth a whole separate conversation).

Another issue I see is Bundam, who can use terminator mode and still receive its 2nd turn before Hade gets its 1st turn.

A third issue is it’s defense. It’s so low! Please someone correct me if I’m wrong, but typically mons with low defense have mid-high speed, but not in Hade’s case.

And that leads me into my biggest concern: Hadeshoof’s speed. Blitz Attack requires it to be used within 300 sec of the start of battle. With a speed of 31, an awakened Hadeshoof doesn’t even get a turn until ~77sec. That leaves it with only 223sec to use Blitz Attack.

If awakened, Blitz Attack is 85sec. That means it can only attack three times before the 300sec timer expires (77, 162, 247, 332). Luckily you can use Bloodthirst at 247 and beyond if needed.

If base form, Blitz Attack is 100sec. That means it also can only attack three times before the 300sec timer expires (91, 191, 291, 391). (Why awaken?) Unfortunately you need 3 kills for Bloodshed. With its high attack, Hadeshoof can likely use Bloodshed at 2 kills effectively, but not guaranteed. Guaranteed Bloodshed wouldn’t be available until 391, which is an eternity.

Not sure it’s worth rolling for Hade, as all of the above can be moot if the opponent runs Katt, Bundam, any Times Up, or even Chrono Killer.


I don’t receive my purched gems yet can you please tell me what is the issue with the purching

Don’t worry, Bundam can’t deal more than 4500 damage with Terminator Mode. Bundam’s OHKOing power is nigh useless against Mythics (except water ones).


I don’t receive my purched gems yet can you please tell me what is the issue with the

@Dev_VKC always ping him under this kind issues

Why would you spend your gems on this boi over other mythics tho

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Go get yourself a Twiggy :partying_face::partying_face:


or Ankoudragon in a LINK shadow FL :purple_heart:

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