How to Propel this Game to Popularity (List of Complains/Possible Changes)


I do not classify as an end-game player but please hear me out.
I have completed the story (both act 1 and act 2) and I am currently rated 1500 in real-time PVP (Trying to improve on my rating right now).
All I want to do is to tell ZigZaGame tips on how to propel this game to a summoner wars level game (I see the potential and it really is not too far-fetched to say that this game COULD become huge).


  1. BUGS
    I believe that every new game comes with its own assortment of bugs. This game is not an exception. Throughout my journey of cruising through Reddit, Facebook, and Discord, I have found that the most commonly talked issue about this game is the bugs. Namely, people mostly complain about lost equipment and characters (Devs say that it has been fixed but posts keep popping up), game being stuck on the victory sign (probably a connection issue but seen people lose 100s of mana on this bug), and monsters devolving into their primal forms in PVP. There are a few more but I believe the Devs are already working their ■■■ off to address this problem.
  2. Bosses are too hard in Act 1
    This is a commonly talked about problem on multiple forums, but I personally think that the difficulty of this game is what makes it so great (most Gacha-games these days are just too easy and don’t require any form of strategy). However, the populace is correct in saying that the difficulty of the bosses makes the game more P2W. Specifically, the final boss in Act 1 and Nozra at first stage (second stage can be cheesed with stun absorb and sleep) is extremely hard to beat without a nuker at the level of an SSR (either character is SSR or weapon is SSR). One way to fix this problem is to make major bosses puzzle based (like the training ground) and mini-bosses item based (mini-bosses can act as stat check so that the player base remains incentivized to spend money)
  3. Act 2
    Act 1 felt great, Act 2 felt bad. I really liked this game at first because of our freedom to explore (will talk about this point later) and the difficulty. Then Act 2 came along and just got rid of everything that made this game so much fun (Last boss in Act 2 is quite entertaining but that’s the only part was entertaining). I know it was extremely hard creating all that movement in act 1 but, the thing is, greatness takes patience. So, please, even if the release date of the next acts is extended, please maintain the freedom we possessed in act 1. Also, as mentioned before, making the bosses puzzle based makes it more entertaining.
  4. Yellow Arrow
    Get rid of it and add a map with indicators of where to go next. It will take work, but for the player base to truly enjoy the game’s graphics, the player must be allowed to freely explore the environment rather than mindlessly follow a yellow arrow around. In replacement of this yellow arrow, you could add a map on the top left of the screen with an indicator of where the next quest is (Zenonia 4 has a great, comprehensive map).
  5. Game Story is Not Great
    Too cliche. For the price 1 dollar, this game’s story is not worth it (the game is predominantly offline, so the story is important). If you hit me up on my inbox, I could literally write (For free) a 15-20 page story that would be more receptive by the player base. The key to any good story is tragedy, and because this game is catering to adult players (the price tag demotivates a lot of young players to start), it would be best to break out of the cliche story of a special guy finding a hot chick and easily passing through every obstacle (ever watch Konosuba? well Finn feels like Kyoya Mitsurugi).
  6. Price Tag
    Don’t really know what to say about this, but, typically, games that cost money should have the quality to match it (I see a lot of people complaining about this). Also, a price tag changes the target demographic (price tag demotivates younger players).
  7. 6-star materials
    I can’t say much about this because I’m not yet sure if 6-star materials can be found somewhere.
    If it can’t be found yet, please devs make it farmable.

Possible Changes
This is just food for thought. I may be going over my head in trying to teach professional game designers how to make a game successful. However, I know that for a Gacha-game to reach heights, it needs to be innovative.

  1. Add a catchable Legendary(SSR) character
    I actually already wrote about this in a review on the App store (*it’s the first review on the most helpful section currently :smiley: *). Basically, it would be great to make the catching system more useful by adding catchable SSR characters. Like maybe adding a side story about an extremely powerful monster and making the player base go through hurdles to find it would be interesting. This catchable SSR character should be a mass of utility abilities so people start using it in their PVP teams (PVP would be more leveled).
  2. Add places to farm for accessories
    It would be great to implement something like a raid boss in this game. Multiple people can group together to fight a boss who would drop an accessory. This would give people something to do even if they’re finished with story. The only problem with this idea is that it costs an awful lot to create a multiplayer raid boss system and with the current state of stuff, it would not be wise to invest on a multiplayer raid boss system. So, I guess if you’re going to address any of the problems I mentioned so far, this should be last.

I am excited to see this game grow. I know there will be a mass growth in this community after this game gets featured on the app store on the New games we love tab.

Please raise my Gacha rates for my effort :smiley:


I think the difficulty of this game is its characteristic symbol, neo monsters was the same. I enjoy it exActly because of this reason. I dont agree to the proce aswell, for 1€ this game is wonderful. I will never get people who complain about that…
And the SSR is supposed to be sth very special, i dont think you should get to catch one so easily.
Everything else i agree on:)

I personally like that games like Neo & Evertale require patience & strategy in order to complete. I just have to roll my eyes at people yelling that they can’t beat a game that has been released for less than a week, and saying that the reason is that it must be pay to win.

That is NOT the reason. A whole pool of beta testers managed to play thru without spending a penny. But yes. It requires you to slow down and requires you to think thru strategy and adjust your team accordingly. Thus a more appropriate change to ask for might be for more team slots.

If you want to rush thru a game like a mindless zombie equipped with the shiniest monsters and swords right off the bat so that you don’t have to think your way thru things, there are probably better games for you out there. Or sure, you have the option to spend cash so you don’t have to strain your brain. But it’s not required.

Also the story is fine. The hero’s journey has been a basic story format for pretty much forever for good reason :roll_eyes: the audacity of some of you guys is incredible.


Excellent first post

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If you read my post carefully, I mention how the difficulty brings beauty to this game. I never denied that the difficulty makes the game boring. Also, in my opinion the story is not fine. This game is a primarily offline game and for for the price tag, people are looking for something interesting in the plot. I am not saying that the hero’s journey is not a good story format. It actually is and that is the reason why I dislike the story so much. While this game does maintain a hero’s journey format, it never introduces the crux of the hero’s journey format: character development. Does Finn ever change throughout the course of the story? No. In fact, since the start, he embodies the characteristic of a stereotypical hero. Let him lose for once goddamnit (The last battle doesn’t count).
Yea anyways thanks for commenting man.

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I see the price tag as a barrier of entry to hackers, i honestly couldn’t imagine someone not being able to afford 1$. People would be discoured from hacking if they get banned and have to buy the game again. I like the difficulty of the first act bosses, i just wished that the rewards were better considering how challenging it is. I agree with the SSR. Making once catchable would be great aslong as its behind a series of very hard challenges and only capturable once every Act. Would be a great incentive for players to keep playing and looking forward to new acts.

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Brave Frontier, which is commonly known to be one of the more successful JRPGs, incorporated a system of trials. The trial was a battle against a boss monster, who could be caught and used later. I’m not saying that SSR is not something that should remain special but that the players should have access to at least one strong character. One “free” (they would have to work for it) SSR for every player would make that one SPECIFIC SSR not special, not every other SSR. Yea I love this game too. Thanks for commenting ma dude.

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I purposely did not write much beneath the Price tag tab cause I really didn’t understand how to perceive it. Now that you mention it though, it does sound like a barrier of entry to hackers. There are some kids out there whose parents would not allow them to play games, meaning games that require any money whatsoever would restrict them from playing. That’s what I meant by saying that the target demographic is primarily adults. Thanks ma dude. Add me!

This game costs $1. It has been out for a week. Give Finn some time. It takes time to grow and develop, even when you’re a character in a story.

Instead of swaggering in thinkin you know best & understand the game so perfectly (aka wanting for things to be different, wanting them to be YOUR way), why not first try to accept how things are and ask yourself “how can I solve this problem with what I have”?

Also bro, I’m not a man. :new_moon_with_face:


Oof. I really did not mean to come out like that. This is really a personal complaint. I’m not saying that I understand the game perfectly but that, from my perspective, a change would be nice.
You are right that I did not give this game enough time.
Anyone can have their own perspective and I think it’s not really wrong to think that things could be different.
I’m really not trying to be aggressive. It’s my first post and I got excited. Everything aside, this game is great. I’m sorry for how I acted and good luck!


There is a chance to get 6 star ingredients, this was in beta so not sure if its still available but doing extreme difficulty of ingredients quest gives out rarely a 6 star ingredient, not sure if its random or they can ba obtainable in a specifoc element quest.

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There’s a demographic of kids that don’t like going to their parents for things. If a game is free then app store regulations(assuming rating isn’t like 17+) will let people just download a game without any issues.

  1. Devs literally waiting on apple for the devolve bug patch. Other bugs are obviously being worked on. Pvp wasn’t testable in beta.

  2. Add a difficulty setting, problem solved. With normal being the way it is now.
    3.Can’t comment haven’t finished.
    4.I like this

  3. Uhhhh. . . Story felt nothing like that at all to me. Also radically changing the story would be damaging now that the game is already released. People would have issues with not being able to finish it etc… Note that whether a story is good or not is entirely up to the opinion of the people playing it. While you might not like it, other people might find it quite interesting.

  4. Agree on price tag, especially in the case of how the game is presented, with summons being the expensive IAP. That $1 price tag will scare away potential whales(because people are irrational).

  5. no comment

  6. They did it with neo they could conceivably do that here in the future.

  7. Yes.

Also price tag isn’t a hacker deterrent, no idea what you’re talking about. A hacker will buy the game a total of once and will hack, etc… as many times as they want from there on out.

This game costs 99 cents. Get out of here with that “story isn’t worth a dollar” and “should have quality to match” nonsense @DLTO

Don’t be such a damn cheapskate

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Think the general consensus here is that the story is fine. I just thought that considering the game is primarily offline (guild and PVP system is not the core of the game yet), the story must be outstanding. Hear me out though.

I personally don’t like the story because of how stereotypical it is. FG3000, a relatively popular youtuber, exclaimed how the main character is the typical “protagonist-kun.” I’m not saying that this is bad, but for someone who had gone through both acts, “protagonist-kun” never changes. He’s an unstoppable, static character. @brown_witch is correct in saying that the game isn’t fully developed yet, but I am proposing that possibly introducing a tragedy element in the upcoming acts could be great for the adult demographic.

I respect your perspective though. For the price of a single dollar, this game’s story could be great. It’s just that I normally don’t play a game with a price tag and the dollar price tag seems astronomical (Ironical because when I get a free game, I whale). Hence, I was more critical about the game than need be. Sorry y’all… for real just got too excited about my first post and made it far too critical.

@DLTO what would’ve you spent that 99 Cents on if you hadn’t purchased Evertale? :joy:

everyone has a first time to see a story. Also there are nuances that aren’t oh look everything got killed.

We still don’t know how far into the story we even are, or where it might go from here. Are we 90% thru? 10% 1%?

Everyone gets excited, it’s all good. If you want to write fan fic/lore/alt story you could start a thread for that. Could be a beautiful thing, and maybe better received :ok_hand:t4:


Oof okay. I can see that everyone likes the story. Sorry y’all, I think my way of thinking is slightly messed up in comparison to others.

@NMEGaryOak if u read carefully, I said that the dollar price tag SEEMS astronomical. It’s like how someone would splurge out 200-400 dollars on shoes but wouldn’t buy a shirt that goes over 20 bucks.