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Can you comment on the Android release. Please?


In CHAPTER 2 in the PvE vs the Druke, his 30% cost reduction that shouldn’t stack is actually stacking. Making the fight impossible to win!


Agreed He has like 20 Time units cooldown
I stuck there too hoping for a fast fix


The fights are not impossible @Adam_Roche @Klaus-Kevin_Muller , but some of them are quite challenging. Think of them as puzzles— often taking a closer look at your opponent’s skills as well as the skills of your own monsters is a good place to start. Often even small changes in your team roster (switching the order of the monsters, or swapping out those monsters whose skills are weak in this particular battle) is a good place to start. If the boss is immune to stun for instance, remove your monsters whose skills rely on stun. Other times you might need to go fight some battles in the grass until your monsters level up a bit. Good luck!


The second fight against Norza seems impossible to win. I’ve maxed out my units and weapons. I’ve thoroughly read and understand his abilities, but it just seems impossible.

His passive that makes any damaging ability add +100 TU is insane. You NEED to pass the entire first turn since any attack will bring your units to 150 TU, and in that case he nukes your entire team.

The second turn you also need to pass since he will have enough spirit to stun the entire team for additional 150 TU. So instead of being below 150 TU when his turn arrives, you need to be below 80 TU (since the CD for that ability is 70 TU). So once again, any attack will bring you over that threshold.

The third turn you might get some minor chip damage in. But you can’t use any strong attacks since that’ll bring your TU over 150.

The worst part about this is that you can’t take things slow. Once he have killed 2 of your units. Which he most definitely will pretty quickly considering all you do is pass your turn. Once he has killed 2, he can start one shotting your team without meeting any other condition, and at that point the fight is over.

Oh and did I also mention that he’s immune to stun and poison?

It feels like the game is forcing me to pay 2 win for better and more fitting units/weapons in typical gacha fashion. But considering this is a game you need to buy in order to play, I feel a bit shafted in that regard.


I beat him by burning him canceled his passive


This is ridiculous! Drake has regenerating ability and also a ability to make his moves faster! Also he can regenarate his Hold Ground ability! So basically you have to beat him without stun,poison and ridiculously fast or else he will use his hold ground ability and regenerate it in 10 TU!


Stun him when he is poison immune. Use vengeance strikers. U r good to defeat him.
It took me like 5-6 tries but it was quiet challenging and exciting .

Edit: he is not double immune at same time. So skipping turns to force his immunities can be handy


This is actually the perfect thread to mention this, cause I don’t know if this is intended or not, but Stealth currently as of writing makes you immune to viral effects ie. Norza 2’s stunskin or the burn status. Basically, stealth strike is as of writing immune to stun skin.

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It is great tip Professor! But it is hard to combine stun and poison accordingly! Well I just lvl up my characters and positioned them in a way that I could get the highest hit every time.


Can someone tell me how to get act 2 start I’ve completed act 1 already but it won’t switch over

Don’t press the act 0 part press the middle of the story icon

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Wow…I’m retarded

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Use a stun absorber and keep stealthing him… problem solved. Back in beta I beat him by using captured monsters and first summon Jedariel, just to prove a point to my clanmate who thought it was impossible.

Don’t start with the pay2win comments until ranked pvp starts. The story part is completely beatable just by carefully thinking it through.


Ok bug, this didnt happen in beta test so not sure what’s going on, I finished chapter 3 corrupt, took me to dialogues until I reached that sky cutscene with some dialogue then it went all black, waited a few minutes then had to restart the game as it didnt respond. When game generated it didnt proceed to chapter 4 and instead stopped here, if you could observe, quest stated test. Cant proceed and also I didnt get my 500 soul stones, what should I do?


I had that bug during beta
Had to reset the game


Yeah same thing happened to me while playing beta too but I was too lazy to restart so I waited for the official release.

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Didnt have it during beta so not sure why this occured